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25.06.2019: Meeting # 438 – Why Do We Love Toastmasters?

Today marks the last meeting of the club for Term 2018/19. We started with the theme of the day, entitled “Why do we love toastmasters?”

Olivia Chen, PM1, the Assistant Sergeant At Arms of the day commenced the meeting with the Toastmaster’s promises and the floor was handed over to our dear Madam President, Ms Chitirra, LD1. She welcomed the guests and expressed gratefulness to the committees, seniors and Toastmasters of the club for supporting her throughout her term as President of the Club 2018/19. This followed by the Grammarian Rey Thean to introduce the Word of the Day “Endearment” which means words or phrases expressing love or affection.
Members and guests were then invited to introduce themselves and share their thought about why they love toastmasters. Out of sudden, the atmosphere in the room was filled with endearments.

After a round of introduction, Chew Yee, our Toastmaster of the Evening gave a warm welcome to all and started the session with a brief history of the Toastmasters International & our club MM-KL followed by an introduction of the role players which are

·         Ah-Counter                  : Abdul Rahman, PM1
·         Grammarian                : Rey Thean
·         Timer                           : Rajendra
·         General Evaluator       : N. J. Singham, DTM

Next, the table topic master, EK Yeo, CC, CL invited the braves to take up the impromptu speech challenge. Among the warriors were KT Chok, PM4 and 3 of our guests of the day namely, Shan, Paul Tan and Yazen. A round of applause to all table topic warriors!

Then, we proceed with the assigned speech session. There were 4 speakers on that night including our newly joined TM CS Ong and Jocelyn where both of them were delivering their ice breaker speech which is first speech in their Toastmasters journey.

First speaker, CS Ong delivered his speech with full of emotion and confidence. He demonstrated how his determination and perseverance in education changed his life! This is a success story inspired by a mother’s love that has transformed a boy from a rubber estate to now a successful and outstanding businessman.
The second speaker, Jocelyn has delivered an interesting and inspiring speech. Her will, determination and courage to change made her a better person. We are definitely inspired by her mission to always helping people by giving, sharing and learning. 

Julia Leong, ACB, ALB, the third speaker who was delivering Project 4 – Read Out Loud started off by the rhymes of ten little niggles. The mysterious murder of the 5th little niggle was beautifully presented with full of expression, emotion and enthusiasm.

Finally, the last speaker, Ron Yeap, ACB, CL! He delivered his Project 1: The Folk Tale entitled The Bear Feast Story. All of us were nicely swayed by his movement in the story. In the end, message from the story was a feast can gain friends even if they are your enemies.

After a 5 minutes break, General Evaluator DTM, NJ Singham took over the stage for the evaluation session. He explained the session and introduced his panel of evaluators and role players.

It was fun to see all the seasoned evaluators dancing on the floor and giving out all words of endearment and constructive advises to all the speakers; demonstrating the spirit of friends helping friends to succeed! This followed by reports from each role players. Abdul Rahman, PM1, the Ah-Counter of the day showed his delight because his “Ah” was given immunity for the day!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to GE DTM,NJ Singham for all the constructive feedback and advices for the Club’s improvement. Thank you Mr Singham and we will always remember this “What comes out from the lips, goes to the ears. What comes out from the heart, goes to the heart.”

Towards the end of the meeting, President presented awards to:

Best Table Topic Speaker        : Shan
Best Assigned Speech            : Jocelyn
Best Evaluator                         : Haji Hashim Adnan, DTM
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Ms Wendy Sim expressed her gratitude to the outgoing EXCO for the great effort and team work that has made the Club’s every events successful ones.
After a group photo taking session, an EGM was held to elect VPE and VPPR for term 2019/2020. Congratulations to Rey Thean nominated as VPE and Ron Yeap as VPPR for term 2019/2020 and the meeting adjourned. See you all on 9th July 2019. First meeting of the term under our newly elect president KL Loh, ATMG.

Blog Writer: -Jocelyn Chew

Term 2018/2019