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A Growing Experience


We had experienced a very exciting month in March and April. These were the months where few members challenged themselves to took part in our Area C1 and Division C International Speech and Table Topics Contests. It was once said, "you cannot create experience. You must undergo it."

Kevin Khoo, CC and Ken Chan, DTM had represented the club to compete in our area International Speech and Table Topics contests and successfully advanced to division level. The journey of competing in both contests and advanced to Division level required hard work, smart work, dedication and lots of speech rehearsals, which was very stressful. It was so grateful that the club members were very supportive and gave their opinions to Kevin's speech on both speech rehearsals time in the club meetings.

Issac Marion said, "Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector's item." In fact, we had witnessed the transformation in Kevin. Well done, Kevin!

Ken, on the other hand, is a season speaker. In fact his speech had electrified many in the contests. Not only that, he always writes notes upon listens to any presented speeches. This is how he grows, excels and shines.

Besides, Ron Yeap, CC was assigned as Areas C1 & C3 International Speech and Table Topics (3rd April 2016) Contest Chair. The process in organizing the contests for both areas was not easy. He met difficulties, he found solutions, he solved them. Ron, experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you.

Not only that, few of the club members, Sharian, Fung Jiun, Manish Kumar and I were helped on the areas joint contests too. We learned by doing, it was so proud to see the members contribute their time to make the contests ran smoothly.

 Areas C1 & C3 Joint International Speech & Table Topics Contests 

Experience is the teacher of all things- Julius Caesar

Kevin Khoo- 2nd Place, Ken Chan- 1st Place

Division C International Speech & Table Topics Contests

Ken Chan- 3rd Place

Like an aspiring club, it has been our clubs dream to deliver a District Champion and also International Champion. The club will do the best to support the member. We will learn together, grow together and shine together. 

"Friends helping friends to succeed."

Reported by,
Mathew Philippose, CC, CL
President 2015/2016