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Meeting #361: A roseate experience

This was the time when Malaysian athletes were making records in RIO Olympic 2016 and successfully they managed to bag total five medals including four silver and one bronze for Malaysia. What a proud moment. This was the sign of roseate future for Malaysians.  This is why our Toastmasters in Money mastery –KL Toastmasters club thought to have theme of the day Olympic game, many of us introduced ourselves describing the purpose of Olympic game and meaning of the five interlocking rings. It was very interesting and warm rounds of introduction from each Toastmasters and guests later. This was one of the memorable days for Money mastery – KL Toastmasters club where three beautiful ladies took a winning step in her life and joined us to start their toastmaster’s journey together with us. It was a great moment.

Let me remember concisely, it was 9th August 2016, Tuesday, kicked off our meeting to order at 7:15pm by our sweet, pretty, young and energetic SAA (Sergeant At Arms) Yap Ooi Yee.  As per her role tonight she begun with explaining the House Rules and then recited “The Toastmaster’s Promises” along with the Toastmasters members. After that she passed the control to our newly elected club President Ron Yeap, CC to take this meeting forward. Toastmaster Yap Ooi Yee, well done! 

Our club President Ron Yeap took over the control and explained a little about the theme of the day which is coincided with the current world sport event Olympic Game in Rio, Brazil and set the meeting where all can speak their own minds from introduction to the end of the meeting and that was amazing to feel and continue speaking. He also invited our charming Grammarian, toastmaster Chitirra to tell us word of the day with some examples. Word of the day was “Roseate”  in her sweet and audible voice. This is her 1st time to take up this role. Chitirra, Kudos to your courage to carry out your duty diligently. Mr. President also encouraged all the members and guests to use Theme of The Day and Word of the Day during self-introduction because "The more you practice, the more you learn".After the individual introduction Mr. President Ron Yeap passed the control to the Toastmaster who is charming, sweet and very friendly Toastmaster of The Evening (TME) Wendy Sim.

 Wendy began with her million dollar smile to brief on the History of Toastmasters International especially to our guests Joel and Omer who is not a Toastmaster member. She invited the role players to explain their objectives as per their role:

“Ah” Counter –Toastmaster Cheng Seng San,
Timer – Toasmaster, Wenny Loh 1st time,
General Evaluator – Boon Sin Cheng, ACB. ALB

This was the time for Table Topics speeches which is also called impromptu speech. Members and guests are encouraged to participate in this 2 minutes speech.  This session handled very well by our new Toastmaster member Table Topics Master a sweet, energetic and roseate young lady Mandy Chan.  

The topics given to each participant were related to the Theme of the day “Olympic Game”. Participants of the Table Topics are:

Table Topics Speaker who volunteered them selves
Manish Kumar
Foo Fung Jiun
Our Guests
Joel and Omer

Evaluator: Tan Ben Hoe, CC, CL summarized that each participants have spoken on their own feet very well in their delivery, also highlighted the strength and weakness to improve using sandwich evaluation method.

Assigned Speech Session

From, Competent Communication manual
CS Quah, TM – Speech No. 2: Organize your speech with speech title “Is Ritual Important to your life”.   This is the 2nd attempt by him with confidence, audible voice and perfect hand gesture.  He explained as our daily rituals like bathing, brushing teeth etc are important to us to clean from the outside, similarly we must follow some daily rituals to clean from our inside like mediation, yoga, gym which are really essential and audience got a nice reminder that day to start few rituals which will not just keep you clean and clear from the outside but also from the inside. 

CS’s Evaluator: KL Loh, ATMG encouraged that your speech was worth listening and showed him ways like real Ways(mobile GPS app) multiple path to improve his speech from the next delivery and advised him to keep practicing. This journey indeed, will make you an effective communicator and speaker.  You have great potential as a speaker.

Our next 2nd seasoned and entertaining speaker, any guess please?
Relax, he is none other than, Ken Chan, DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) – He was doing his Speech No. 4 from competent communication manual: - How to say it, with speech title “C is King”. 

 Ken, as usual came up with an intriguing topic. It was indeed interesting and useful.  He intrigued and asked C means?  After pondering at lot someone from the crowed finally made a correct guess” means “CUSTOMER”. Is it sounds familiar to you? He said; treat your customer as a GUEST. Which means?
G- Greet the customer
U- Understand their needs
E- Explain features and benefits
S- Suggest additional items
T- Thank the customer.
Learning- Customer is really King in business so always have a genuinely positive attitude and willing to go out of your way to help a guest and satisfy their needs. They will be yours.

Evaluator: Dr.Thilla, ACB, ACG commented on speech delivered by Ken was inspiring and informative. You have met all the objectives from the speech objectives. Congratulations and looking forward to hear your next speech.

Speech from Management Manual
Ron Yeap (Competent communicator)-Speech No. 1: The briefing with speech title “Youth Leadership Program Briefing”

This topic was selected by him based on YLP (Youth Leadership Program).
How beneficial this program is for kids from the age 13 to 18 years which is going to be held in August 2016, also as per his past experience he added, how it benefited to the every participant, facilitators, role players, speakers and all the kids aspirants. Toastmasters conduct Youth leadership program to make a kid fluent and an effective communicator to open many opportunities in their life. He added what are the challenges he faced as an organising chair to plan the next event successful. So far the audience were expecting real event is going to happen in august. Audience realised it was just a speech only after the completion of his speech.
Ron’s Evaluator: Mathew P. CC, ALB encouraged and acknowledged his wonderful speech and added points for improvements like mange your time well which is not really acceptable in Toastmasters.

Friend helps friend succeed

During the Toastmasters club meeting, applause and encouragement are the key factors to motivate the members and the participation of guests.
The induction for the new members Chitirra, Wenny and Mandy was done by TME Wendy Sim.  Also mentors were assigned to the new members to comfortably learn and grow. Dr. Thilla was announced as a mentor for Chitirra and CP Lau as a mentor for both Mandy Chan and Wenny Loh. Especially as a new member, they need to concur their stage fear to enable them to continue their journey, improve public speaking skills in speeches, also leadership skills by taking up the roles as they have already done today. Kudos to all of them were able to take up the role diligently. As first time  timer, table topic master and Language evaluator. The support of other members are important to lead them though the course of Toastmaster journey.

Completion of the 10 speeches from the Competent Communication Manual (CC) are challenging. Some members make it only within the couple of months. Completing Competent Leadership manual (CL) with number of roles to fulfill in each project is another education which is also challenging. It is important to bring your CL manual and get it filled up every time you do the roles in the meeting like Timer, SAA, Grammarian, Table topic master, evaluator, Ah Counter etc. At the end, our General evaluator Boon sing Cheng- ACB,ALB shared his report as his general observation over the entire meeting and suggested us how to do more quality meetings.

It was time to adjourn the meeting. So, Mr. president Ron Yeap exactly by 9:45 pm as per the agenda, announced that the meeting is adjourned now while knocking on lectern with gavel in his hand, also wished all the August babies a sweet happy birthday followed by sweet cake cutting –Ooi Yee, CS Quah, Ben Hoe and Kelvin Chong “Happy Birthday, Healthy and Prosperous”. It was a lovely meeting with lovely people in this evening. Thank you all toastmasters and distinguished guest. Hope, see you again.

  Sincerely yours,
  Ekey Yeo. CC, CL