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Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests 2018/2019

The time had come to celebrate the quotes “Laughter is the best medicine” and “Evaluation is the breakfast of champions”. Yes! The annual Club Level Humourous Speech & Evaluation Contests of Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club had dawned on the dusk of 24th July 2018.

Up and about were the team for the big event which had been planned ahead by our enthusiastic Organizing Chair, Manish Jha, CC, CL, IP1. Phones buzzing, humans buzzing, the ambiance on a buzz on the 3rd floor of MCA PJ Selatan as all arrive early to set the last minute touches for the contests.
Honored with the presence of our Chief Judge, Sharon Wong, ACB, ALB, between 6.45pm to 7.15pm multiple briefings were done simultaneously. Chief Judge to role players, Contest Toastmasters to contestants, Organizing Chair to the SAAs. With everybody in check, at 7.15pm when the clock struck, the gavel was struck and the contest was called to order.
The SAA, May Ong, CC, ALB was fantastic in gathering everyone in on time and welcoming them and the floor was then passed to our very smart and steady Organizing Chair, Manish Jha, CC, ALB, IP1 to give his opening address and the floor was passed to our diligent Toastmaster of the Evening, E K Yeo, CC, CL who then passed the floor to our Humourous Speech Contest Toastmaster, the graceful Lim Gim Kim (ACS, ALB) who outlines the contest rules and introduced the contestants and their order of speaking. 
Oh boy, here at MCA we only have 3 floors but after 4 passing of the floors from May to Manish to EK to Gim Kim… Phewwww… Alas the Humourous Speech Contest begin. Yes, that was a lame joke but boy didn’t our contestants coming up throw the crowd off their seats with their humongous humour. 
Our first contestant, Mary de Silva comically laid out all the taboos that were stopping us from progressing in our lives in her speech “Good Luck, Bad Luck, It’s Your Choice”. Funny how a black cat that crosses your path simply because it just wants to get to the other side of the road can block your path and stop you from getting to the other side of your life.
Mathew Philippose, the second contestant shared with us how a friend became his forever in his romantic comedy performance entitled “Best Friend”.
The third contestant was the ever humourous Ken Chan because yes he “can” do humour like a natural and so he wowed the crowd with his speech entitled “W.O.W”.

Last but not least was our only one, Victor Wan with his speech “Three Stubborn Old Men”. He shared with us the life lessons he gained from 3 different stubborn old men in his life. Who were these men? You’d be surprised. Not his son, father and grandfather but Tun Dr. Mahathir, Robert Kuok and Stan Lee. What a combo?!?!?
With laughter and happy hearts we all adjourned for a short 10 min break before the next contest begin. 
Once again, May Ong, CC, ALB called us in and our TME invited the Evaluation Contest Toastmaster, Serena Kong, ACB, CL to begin the contest. The Test Speaker, surprise, surprise, angelic Agnes Chan was called to the stage to share with us “Ten Little Things” for the evaluation contestants to evaluate. 
She was vibrant and energetic and shared a worthy content reminding us all to appreciate 10 little happy things that we come across every day to be happy. But that is not for me to say! I’ll leave that to our Evaluation Contestants. 
The contestants were brought to the holding room and the first contestant yet again Mary de Silva remained to give her calm and composed evaluation. Following was Victor Wan with his loud and large evaluation. The third was Mathew Philippose with his passive and passionate evaluation. Next was Ken Chan with his cheeky and cheery evaluation and finally Hj. Hashim with his prim and proper evaluation. So many varieties of input for Agnes Chan that night from MMKL’s unique set of evaluators.
The contests ended with a bang and as the Chief Judge went on to tabulate the results, Serena Kong, ACB, CL took on the stage to interview every contestant with an interesting array of questions. The feedback was fabulous of course. Following, the tokens of participation to contestants and tokens of appreciation to role players were given. 
Having done that alas the epic moment of the night arrived. Curiosity was killing us all and so the Chief Judge was called on twice for the announcements of each contest winners. Drum rolls were filling the air through out and the results resulted as below.
Humourous Speech Contest:
With that nerve wrecking moment done, we had our home grown Area C1 Director (AD) our beloved Ron, Yeap, ACB, CL put on his AD shoes to give his AD speech. It’s was quite weird watching our own member address us like an independent external Toastmaster nevertheless it was more of a proud moment to watch him speak as an AD grown from MMKL.
**Wipes off proud tears of joy as I type this hahaha**
Finally, the President, Chitirra was called on to the stage to give her closing address and call it a night. She gave some words of encouragement to the fellow members and called for all to stay for a group photoshoot by our official photographer Dr. Srikant, PM1 to cherish this momentous contest night.
We stand together as one whether we are role players, participants or audiences of a contest because at any level we can learn and be inspired through contests like this. Seize the opportunity always and victory is always our whether your number one as a participant or sitting in the last row as an audience. There’s always something you can take home at a Toastmasters’ contest or meeting because there’s always something you can contribute to if you become a Toastmaster. Until the next contest period peeps, don’t get too critical and just keep laughing because life itself is a Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest where you’re the participant and the judge yourself. 

Thanks to contributors, writers and reviewers.

Dato Dr Mary de Silva, PM3
Money Mastery –KL Toastmasters Club
VPPR (Vice President of Public Relation 2018/2019)

MMKL Installation Night 2018

It’s been some time since I didn’t write up any blog and so now I got to write on how was our Money Mastery KL Club EXCO Installation ceremony took place with grandeur. The day to remember was on 14th July at Glo Damansara, Ultra Hero’s Shop.

Well, it was one of our historical moments for MMKL. We were celebrating our 16th Anniversary with our club members and invited guests. Our installation committee decided to have a theme party as a an Ultra Heros Night. It was exciting and spectacular to see how our senior members and guests turned up in the dressed as Ultra Heroes. 

As the evening started our new EXCO team looked stunning on stage in complete formal attire and portrayed a great sense of responsibility. The happiest person of the evening was non-other than the immediate Past President Competent Communicator Wendy Sim. On this day she was being discharged from her responsibilities of being President of the club and was pretty excited to crown in incoming new president, TM Chitirra.  

We started off with a very interactive and creative game which involved everyone to warm up by Toastmaster of the Evening Competent Communicator Kevin Khoo. Kevin is professional trainer and emcee. He was amazing from the beginning of the show until the end. During the game everyone burst into the laughter and the forthcoming action was mandatory by everyone who got eliminated based on the rules of the game.

By the time we got started on a serious note, everyone was treated to some inspiring speeches from our well-prepared speakers from in and outside of the clubs. Even the speakers came with their superhero costumes.

After few inspiring speeches we were even further uplifted to the yummy dinner that was served. There was such great ambiance and it was indeed an Ultra Heroes Night as we are in an abode under the glittering and shining sky of the night. 

I can say that all of them are in fact Super Heroes and in reality not everyone is aware about it so if you want to meet our super heroes visit to our club meeting which meets every 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday of each month.  

Congratulations to the MMKL Exco 2018/2019!