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Toastmasters Meeting #359

I had been approached by our club V.P.E., Kevin Khoo, CC during the break time to write the blog for the day meeting. Frankly speaking, I was a bit hesitant and reluctant to do it due to my poor command of English. However, there is another little voice whispering; “Mandy, you are here to improve your English. Now, this is a good opportunity for you.” Thus, I had accepted it with self-assumption that I can take my own sweet time to do it.

12 July, 2016 marks the first meeting where new EXCO take office. The theme of the day is “Begin with the End in Mind” and word of the day is “Aplomb”. Our club president Ron Yeap, CC delivered his president’s address by welcoming the distinguished guests and encourages members and guests to use the theme and the word of the day in self-introduction. Maybe this is his first time he is a giving presidential opening address; he had missed out the part to invite Grammarian – Ooi Yee to introduce “Word of the Day”. 

Besides that, when it came to Table Topic Session; Wendy Sim had missed out to explain the session. There is some little “hiccups” spotted but its fine to make mistakes in Toastmasters. Sharing from our General Evaluator, Renee Wong, CC, CL; the largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest respect and regards to EK Yeo, CC, CL. He is recovering from dengue illness as he has been hospitalized since last week. However, he chose to attend the meeting and even took part in table topic session with hoarseness in his voice. Besides that, he was speech evaluator for Foo Fung Jiun who presented his speech#4 at the meeting. He has set a very good role model for other members to attend the club meetings regularly.

There are 3 speakers for that day meeting; which are Mathew Philippose, CC, CL, Foo Fung Jiun and Ken Chan, DTM. Mathew Philippose and Ken Chan are the seasoned speakers of our club. Both of them had been repeating the Competent Communication Manual for “N” times. As usual, their speech is always a winning speech for me. It’s truly inspiring, energetic and powerful speeches from both of them. We do learn a new selling skill from Foo Fung Jiun speech who used this acronym S.T.O.P.

S – Start Listening
T – Targeting Desire
O – Observe Opportunity
P – Passionate Presentation 

Standing Ovation to Ken Chan, DTM after completing the Project Speech #10

Standing Ovation to Mathew Philippose, CC, CL for his ice-breaking speech

A big congratulation to Tuan Hj. Hashim, DTM who is also an active and seasoned speaker; who won himself both Best Table Topics Speech and Best Assigned Speech Evaluation of the night. I had witnessed Tuan Hj. Hashim awarded with both titles before, it was consequently within two months. I believed all the club members will definitely benefit and learn much from such strong member.

TME - Ethan Ganes, CL and Table Topics Evaluator - Kevin Khoo, CC are both energetic and lively young gentlemen who bring the club meeting to high level of fun feel. As per General Evaluator, Renee Wong, CC, CL, in jesting said they are both “abnormal” person. Normally people will have stage fear when doing public speaking. They both play their role with confidence and naturally. Ethan Ganes, CL is our honor guest from Sunway College; and he is just 19 years old. I’m quite impressed that he already obtained the title of CL in such young ages.

We would like to express our gratitude to our General Evaluator, Renee Wong, CC, CL as she willing to take up the role in short notice. She leads a team of evaluators in monitoring club meeting’s atmosphere and activities as well as gives constructive suggestions. She do affirmed several positive points in our club which included we are such a strong club with good mix of 3 “E”. She also commented “the older the ginger, the hotter and the spice”; our club is with the most number of past presidents. This indicates our club has a very strong base of senior member to guide the new / junior along the way to become a better thyself.
1st E – Enthusiastic
2nd E – Experience
3rd E – Encouragement

 Last but not least, we will always be grateful for all the members who taking up roles. Without you all, our meeting will not be run smoothly and successfully.

Role Players
Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA)
Wenny Loh
Toastmaster of the Evening (TME)
Ethan Ganes, CL
Invocation Speech
Manish Kumar, CC
Table Topic Master
Wendy Sim
Yap Ooi Yee
“Ah” Counter
SS Cheng
CS Quah
General Evaluator
Renee Wong, CC, CL
Table Topics Evaluation
Kevin Khoo, CC
Speaker #1
Mathew Philippose, CC, CL
Speaker #2
Foo Fung Jiun
Speaker #3
Ken Chan, DTM
Panel Evaluator#1
Panel Evaluator#2      
EK Yeo, CC, CL
Panel Evaluator#3
Hj Hashim, DTM

Not forgetting to give big round of applause to 5 speakers who took part in table topic session bravely; which included myself, “yes” myself as the first speaker (although before I could volunteer, I was called up by Table Topic Master), followed by 2 guests from Iran, Mari and Amir and 2 senior members – Tuan Hj Hashim and EK Yeo.

Looking forward for the next toastmasters meeting. 

With Lots of Love,


Toastmasters Meeting # 356

Theme of the day: Mentor's Day,
Word of the day: Embolden

It was 31st of May.  I tried to capture this whole meeting in my mind trying to portray as I remember the whole interesting moments. We had energetic, enthusiastic and high standard meeting. We learn with a lots of fun. So, you feel to join us soon. You are most welcome.

Let me give you a glimpse of this meeting which was just over recently.. 

We began our meeting by 7:15 PM. Our SAA of the day CC (competent communicator) Sivadas took control of the stage and called for the meeting with full swing while making sure everyone is attentive and ready to proceed.  

SAA Sivadas, TME Kelvin Chong, Members recital the Toastmaster's promise

This was the time for our presidential opening address. Our club president Mathew Philippose CC, CL. What can I say about him? He is very enthusiastic and encouraging person. He speaks like more or less Barack Obama. He open the meeting and set the floor with fire of excitement and inspiration. Theme of the day was Mentor’s day. Every one of us shared their perspective of mentor’s day and their memory with their great mentors in life. The air at the club meeting was charged up the introductions with great expectations for the whole upcoming sessions of the day. 

Grammarian: CS Quah, President: Mathew Philippose

With much excitement we move forward to the next part of the meeting with our Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) Kelvin Chong. This man is our all-time humour person, he   jumped in and took control of the stage.

While leading the meeting forward, Kelvin created humour trying to read different from his script. He blamed the error to his eye sight bringing laughter to us. Kelvin has a humorous way keeping audience on their toes by quoting mistakes deliberately.  He managed pretty much well. To be chair of a meeting has challenges we may say it is not bed of roses. However, he enjoyed making this role a bed of roses.  

He called each role player to share the objectives of their role at the meeting. Kelvin highlighted history of Toastmasters International for the benefit of guests. The humorous disposition by Kelvin gave much fun with a lasting memory.

As our Table Topic master of the meeting Dr. Thilla ACG, ALB to took control from the toastmasters of the meeting. She made many to speak on their feet through the impromptu speeches.
Impromptu speech is to practice and keeping speaker’s idea clearly, concisely and effectively with one or two illustration in just 2 minutes of time. Not easy right? 

It takes big courage when you need to keep your ideas or words concisely and effectively in just two minutes to the people. There various experiences, you will find some people who can speak at length while others cannot even speak for a minute in front of the audience. In both the cases speaker needs to learn how to present or communicate effectively and timely manners. That is why MM KL Toastmasters club is committed to members to make mistakes and learn to develop the best ability in public speaking, leadership roles and off course writing.

Our self-motivated five speakers took courage and spoke their mind. Beautiful and meaningful topics were given to our impromptu speakers. I was the first speaker yes, it is myself, Manish Kumar CC (Competent Communicator) was given a Topic to speak “Describe an emboldening experience you have had”. I spoke my mind and spoke about my wonderful experience of emboldening experience with my mentor in toastmasters as an example. Similarly all five of us spoke out our best. Impromptu speech session ends here, but still main part of the show was on the way. Guess what?

Has the control of the meeting changed hands to the TME Kelvin Chong, it was the time to experience the prepared assignment speech session from the CC (competent communication) manual and advanced manuals of toastmasters program. On this day, we had four power pack speakers to fuel the audience’s mind and spirit.

Sharply 8.00 PM our 1st speaker’s name Chong Ji Seng was announced by the Toastmaster of the evening Kelvin Chong. Toastmaster Ji Sheng in his speech took us to his world of vacation, it is in  Pulau Redang Island which is just 300-400 KM away from KL to describe how to have happy honeymoon or just happy time for anyone and everyone in Malaysia. He thus completed his 4th speech which was Titled- Vacation (the project was - How to Say it).

We not only enjoyed his adventurous trip with a big group of friends but also he shared his memory humour during his journey of 8 hours instead of 4 hours and a lot more, which allowed us the audience to connect with his story very well. By the end he managed to say, you too must go and enjoy the beauty of this place. Very mesmerising. He amazed us with his humorous and storytelling skill.  To be honest I was his evaluator. I was very happy to evaluate his speech. He was awesome.

Our second speaker was Chee Heng King- He completed his last from the CC manual, speech number 10 on this day. His speech: - Title Vincent Vann Gogh: A story of Resolve. Congratulations King to complete your first basic manual of toastmasters competent communication. The speech was to inspire the audience, and he really learned, how to inspire the audience with his inspiring story. He taught us, how to challenge our self and resolve any difficult situation with ease.

King, you have done very good job. This is an achievement not just for you, also for our club. You deserve to have standing ovation. Wish you great luck and have fun from the advanced manual’s speeches of toastmasters program.

Moving forward this was the time to inspire the audience once again by our all-time renowned speaker Ken Chan. His speech title: - Don’t worry, be happy. 

He not just inspired the whole audience with his great story and humours skill. He said, there are three types of people in the world 1. Optimists 2. Pessimists and 3. Opportunist with the example of half empty glass. He taught us how to be opportunists when situation comes to you and don’t over stress yourself in stressful situation- just be happy, soon everything will be alright to you.  It was really fantastic speech and worth listening him, also receiving valuable wisdoms from Ken. Thank you Ken Chan for inspiring and driving us to your message don’t worry, be happy

Our last speaker was none other than a seasoned and a very dedicated, strong and cute speaker our club president Mathew Phillipose. He is born to be a leader and a wonderful speaker. He delivered his speech from the Advanced manual Leadership Excellence Series- Title: - Giving Effective Feedback.

When he is on stage. Looks like the stage says, “Mathew Please don’t leave me, love you so much, see everybody looks charming and happy because of you”. In his speech, he didn’t just tell the fact how to give effective feedback. He came up with effective slides and explained technically how to give feedback effectively while understanding the context and highlight relevant points. Highlight carefully strength and weakness. Also show the example and suggestions how to improve. It was really worth listening you Mr President.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Time to enjoy our 10 minutes of break. Announced by our handsome TME (CC Kelvin Chong).

At 9 PM as per our schedule. We resumed our meeting and the time finally jumped over to the pocket of our generous and sincere General Evaluator DTM (Distinguished Toastmasters) Lim Thian Seng to take control of the stage and provide the constructive feedbacks on overall meeting. He really did great work on his part. We embrace and love evaluation because evaluation is the stepping stone to our success.

He cordially invited first, table topic evaluator- ATMG K.L Loh a seasoned speaker and meticulous evaluator. He clearly evaluated each table topic speakers and evaluated the speech structure, speech content, purpose and body language. He also encouraged the speakers to keep doing impromptu speeches regularly to be just perfect. 

Now time was flying to call Individual speech evaluators. One after another all the 3 speakers came over. With their mini speech to give appropriate and meaningful evaluation. I believe, evaluation was very much appropriate. I was the first evaluator followed by DTM Hj. Hasim and CP Lau, ACB, ALB.

Time finally came for technical evaluations in the row. Wow – our first time Grammarian toastmaster CS Quah did wonderful job: - This is very challenging job to catch up poor sentence structure and correcting them, he picked up wrongly pronounced words, highlighted the good phrase, also how many time everyone used the words of the day. Our TME managed to score highest to use highest number of times word of the day Embolden. Congratulations Kelvin Chong.

Ah counter- Sharian recently joined our club and completed CC and gave his Ah counter’s report for all the speech crutches. He was very quick in observing umm’s aah,la….etc. Congratulations Sharian to be competent communicator. Our intelligent timer EK Yeo,CC- He was the man who ran the meeting’s every session according to the schedule with his prompt time signals. He was really smart on recording the time.

General Evaluator
Our generous GE (General Evaluator- DTM) Lim Thian Seng gave ideas of areas of improvement. One such suggestion was to use skirting for the tables so that ladies with short skirts will feel comfortable. With a wink in his eyes he said this might attract more ladies to the club.  We welcome everyone to be the part our toastmaster’s family. We don’t discriminate anyone based on the race, colour, community etc. Means you too are welcome to see us and provide us your idea and tell us how we can improve more on anything and everything.

The Time soon caught up to the award ceremony: - As our GE handed to our club President after presiding the various evaluations and reports of role-players. Mr President called for the doll drum and without any delay announced “ladies and gentlemen, winner of the table topic speech is DTM Haji Hashim”. Surprisingly the best evaluation also went to DTM Haji Hashim.
 This was once again in the history of MM-KL TMC meeting DTM Haji Hashim grabbed both the awards and there was a thunderous applause when he departed from the stage. History is been written in  Money Mastery KL toastmasters club with DTM Haji Hashim name, I’m sure will be in the top 10 great toastmasters in the list. At last Mr President Summaries the meeting on learning things from the meeting in each aspects and adjourned the meeting by 10 PM.

My friend, this is such a place, even by mistake you are able to visit our Money Mastery-KL toastmasters club. I’m sure, soon you will able to make a choice to join MM – KL TMC. Lovely place, lovely people, you may find your lost friends around. You will have many surprises. Join hands in hand go together an extra mile in personal life as well as professional life. For more details- Do visit our Facebook website.   

"The most beautiful thing 
you can wear is confidence."