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90th Anniversary of Toastmasters International

This year is the 90th anniversary of Toastmasters International. Below is a video clip that describes Toastmasters International, on why it is held at the basement of YMCA at Santa Anna California.

This gives you an overall picture/ perception of how Toastmasters International was started and how it progressed to today's world wide organization.

90th Anniversary of Toastmasters International

Thanks to All members of Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club

Received this ribbon from Toastmasters International, marked another remarkable achievement of our club. Well done Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters, we have made it for another year.

This is not only a job of one person, this is not only the contribution from one person, this is a GROUP SUCCESS! All of us have contributed tremendously to this achievement.

Together we STRETCH THE LIMIT, ACHIEVING STAR PERFORMANCE, Together we RISE, Together we will LEARN and GROW, Together we will ACHIEVE MORE!


Club Meeting #308 - 26 August 2014

It was a happening month in August 2014 for Toastmasters. For the very first time, Toastmasters International Convention was held outside of America, and we, Malaysian were very honored that Malaysia was the host for this historical event!

Our capital, Kuala Lumpur was in the limelight that there were thousands of Toastmasters visited our country from all over the world.

Yes, "In The Limelight" was the theme of our meeting #308, on 26 August, 3 days after the Toastmasters International Convention. It was definitely a "momentous" occasion and it was a proud moment for all of us from the District 51. "Momentous" was the Word of the Day for our meeting.

Our Toastmaster of the Evening, Mathew Philippose, CC shared with us the many momentous moment that our country was in the limelight, in terms of our achievement in sports, economic achievement, academic achievements and many more. Thanks to Mathew for such wonderful sharing.

We have Rueben, ACB, CL from Satu Hati Toastmasters Club, joined us and was the Table Topics Evaluator for the meeting. Rueben was not alone. There was a team from OCBC Toastmasters Club also visited us. Allysia Wong, CC, CL, the Immediate Past President of OCBC Toastmasters Club, current W6 Governor as our General Evaluator, Rachel Ng, CC, CL was the Table Topics Master and Pua Yin Yin, ACB, CL President of OCBC Toastmasters Club took up a role as one of the speech evaluator. 

A round of applause to our fellow Toastmasters! Thank you and welcome to Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club. Not forgetting, we have Judy Foong, TM from IBM Malaysia Toastmasters Club visited us.

One of our members, Vijaykumar, TM delivered his speech #5 from the CC manual. He shared with us about his "singlehood" and why he is still "single" at his age now. It was a humorous speech wit lots of humor, funny stories. We are very proud of you Vijaykumar as we witnessed your tremendous improvement in you, especially on you body language as well as your vocal variety.

The second speech was delivered by our fellow member, Ng Ser Kwang, TM. He shared with us on how do we invest into property on his 8th project speech in the CC manual. The objective of the speech was to get comfortable with visual aids. There were a few areas of improvements that not only the speech evaluator provided, but also from some of our members during the open evaluation session. We believe Ser Kwang would have gain some tips of making a better power point presentation in the near future.

It was a night that we did not just have our ordinary meeting, we have great fellowship with Toastmasters from various clubs. One of the highlights of our meeting was the visit of our Area G4 Governor, Jacy Wee, CC, ALB from Money and You KL Toastmasters. Her visit by sharing her feeling after attending the Toastmasters International Convention has definitely injected a booster and inspired our members. Give it a thought, what is the reason that some of the Toastmasters can be 20 or 30 years long, and continue to move forward in the journey...

Club Meeting #307 - 12 August 2014

This was the "first" official meeting of our club since the start of the new term in July. In the month of July, we have had our Club Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests as well as our Club Officers Installation Night respectively.

The meeting was a very good one as we have Victor Loh, ACB from Satu Hati Toastmasters Club as our General Evaluator, Victor Ong, DTM from many clubs, delivered a speech. 2 of our senior members, Hj. Hashim Adnan, CC, ALB and Ken Chan, DTM shared with us their preparation embarking on a High Performance Leadership Project, respectively during their services as Area Governor as well as Division Governor.

Our theme of meeting was "International Youth Day" which fell exactly on our meeting date, 12 August 2014. Thanks to our Madam President, Serena Kong, ACB and our Toastmaster of the Evening, Kevin Khoo, CC shared with us on information about International Youth Day.

The Word of the Day is "Serendipity", which means
  1. Pleasant surprise, unexpected and sudden blessing.
  2. Phenomenon of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
  3. Something interesting or pleasant happening by chance /coincidence.
 Our member Jennifer Mah, TM was the Table Topics Master of this meeting.

Our first project speech was delivered by our Madam President, repeating her CC manual, gave us her "second" ice breaker speech. She talked about Sabah Girl. Her life, experience and culture shock between Sabah and KL impressed us. Well done Serena, you deserved a standing ovation from the audience.

The second speech was delivered by Victor Ong, DTM, repeating his CC manual (uncountable times), gave us her 4th speech, titled "Love is an Illusion". Victor demonstrated beautifully how he used rhetorical devices in his speech. Thanks to Victor for such a beautiful, lovely speech.

Hj. Hashim Adnan, CC, ALB and Ken Chan, DTM had also delivered their speeches respectively HPL projects. Theu have shared their visions and mission on how to achieved President Distinguished Area (for G3) and President Distinguished Division for Division G.

Our GE took over the session after the break and led the evaluation team to provide their analytical comments and constructive suggestions on each and every speech delivered.