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25.06.2019: Meeting # 438 – Why Do We Love Toastmasters?

Today marks the last meeting of the club for Term 2018/19. We started with the theme of the day, entitled “Why do we love toastmasters?”

Olivia Chen, PM1, the Assistant Sergeant At Arms of the day commenced the meeting with the Toastmaster’s promises and the floor was handed over to our dear Madam President, Ms Chitirra, LD1. She welcomed the guests and expressed gratefulness to the committees, seniors and Toastmasters of the club for supporting her throughout her term as President of the Club 2018/19. This followed by the Grammarian Rey Thean to introduce the Word of the Day “Endearment” which means words or phrases expressing love or affection.
Members and guests were then invited to introduce themselves and share their thought about why they love toastmasters. Out of sudden, the atmosphere in the room was filled with endearments.

After a round of introduction, Chew Yee, our Toastmaster of the Evening gave a warm welcome to all and started the session with a brief history of the Toastmasters International & our club MM-KL followed by an introduction of the role players which are

·         Ah-Counter                  : Abdul Rahman, PM1
·         Grammarian                : Rey Thean
·         Timer                           : Rajendra
·         General Evaluator       : N. J. Singham, DTM

Next, the table topic master, EK Yeo, CC, CL invited the braves to take up the impromptu speech challenge. Among the warriors were KT Chok, PM4 and 3 of our guests of the day namely, Shan, Paul Tan and Yazen. A round of applause to all table topic warriors!

Then, we proceed with the assigned speech session. There were 4 speakers on that night including our newly joined TM CS Ong and Jocelyn where both of them were delivering their ice breaker speech which is first speech in their Toastmasters journey.

First speaker, CS Ong delivered his speech with full of emotion and confidence. He demonstrated how his determination and perseverance in education changed his life! This is a success story inspired by a mother’s love that has transformed a boy from a rubber estate to now a successful and outstanding businessman.
The second speaker, Jocelyn has delivered an interesting and inspiring speech. Her will, determination and courage to change made her a better person. We are definitely inspired by her mission to always helping people by giving, sharing and learning. 

Julia Leong, ACB, ALB, the third speaker who was delivering Project 4 – Read Out Loud started off by the rhymes of ten little niggles. The mysterious murder of the 5th little niggle was beautifully presented with full of expression, emotion and enthusiasm.

Finally, the last speaker, Ron Yeap, ACB, CL! He delivered his Project 1: The Folk Tale entitled The Bear Feast Story. All of us were nicely swayed by his movement in the story. In the end, message from the story was a feast can gain friends even if they are your enemies.

After a 5 minutes break, General Evaluator DTM, NJ Singham took over the stage for the evaluation session. He explained the session and introduced his panel of evaluators and role players.

It was fun to see all the seasoned evaluators dancing on the floor and giving out all words of endearment and constructive advises to all the speakers; demonstrating the spirit of friends helping friends to succeed! This followed by reports from each role players. Abdul Rahman, PM1, the Ah-Counter of the day showed his delight because his “Ah” was given immunity for the day!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to GE DTM,NJ Singham for all the constructive feedback and advices for the Club’s improvement. Thank you Mr Singham and we will always remember this “What comes out from the lips, goes to the ears. What comes out from the heart, goes to the heart.”

Towards the end of the meeting, President presented awards to:

Best Table Topic Speaker        : Shan
Best Assigned Speech            : Jocelyn
Best Evaluator                         : Haji Hashim Adnan, DTM
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Ms Wendy Sim expressed her gratitude to the outgoing EXCO for the great effort and team work that has made the Club’s every events successful ones.
After a group photo taking session, an EGM was held to elect VPE and VPPR for term 2019/2020. Congratulations to Rey Thean nominated as VPE and Ron Yeap as VPPR for term 2019/2020 and the meeting adjourned. See you all on 9th July 2019. First meeting of the term under our newly elect president KL Loh, ATMG.

Blog Writer: -Jocelyn Chew

Term 2018/2019 

11.06.2019, Meeting No #437- Aidilfitri: Heart To Heart

Hari Raya Aidilfitri, marks the end of Ramadan and is considered the festival of gratitude to God and an occasion celebrated with families and loved ones. It is also the time of feasts, homecoming, contemplation, forgiveness and reconciliation. So, the MMKL family decided to celebrate the same in our Aidilfitri - Heart to Heart themed meeting. Members were asked to come in traditional Hari Raya attire. The room was filled with colourful outfits to suit the theme of the day.

CS Ong, the ASAA for the evening started the meeting with the Toastmaster’s promise and the stage was handed over to the club President Chitirra. She gave welcomed the guests and invited the Grammarian to introduce the Word of the Day “Gratitude” which means the quality of being thankful

Up next, our incoming President for next term, KL Loh ATMG came on to the stage for the Invocation speech.

The Toastmaster of the evening was Ron Yeap ACB, CL. He also came in the traditional Baju Melayu attire and started the session with a brief history of Toastmasters. After that he introduced the role players. The General Evaluator(GE) for the meeting was Vasudevan ACB, ALB. Slowly, we were moving into the core of the Toastmasters meeting. 
The first session was Table Topics session which was controlled by Wendy Sim CC, as the Table Topics Master. She invited volunteers for the session by offering green Raya packets containing money. Following were the Table Topics Contestants:

1.    Jocelyn
2.    Abdul Rahman
3.    Chew Yee
4.    Paul Tan

Up next was the assigned speech session. We had 3 speakers on the night.

First speaker was Ken Chan, who was delivering Level 1: Project 3 Researching and Presenting speech and his speech title was MBTI. MBTI means Myers–Briggs Type Indicator which is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions.

Second Speaker was Vijaykumar, who was delivering his Ice Breaker speech from the path Presentation Mastery. His speech title was My life.  He spoke about his journey of 60 years in his life.

Final speaker was Rajendra,who was delivering Level 1 Project 2 Researching and Presenting project. His speech was  titled An Unusual Experience. He spoke about stress in his life and how he overcome those. 
After the speech session, our VPM KT Chok,took over the stage to induct 2 new members into the club Jocelyn & CS Ong. A break was observed for 10 minutes.
Post break, GE Vasudevan took over the stage for the evaluation session. He explained the session and introduced his panel of evaluators and role players for the reports.

1. Table Topics Evaluator: Ng Swee Lyn, ACB, ALB

2. Speech Evaluator for Ken Chan: EK Yeo, CC, CL
3. Speech Evaluator for Vijaykumar: Haji Hashim DTM
4. Speech Evaluator for Rajendra: Shain Anand
5. Ah-counter : Chew Yee, CC
6. Grammarian: Abdul Rahman, PM1
7. Timer: Cetani Chen, ACS, ALB
8. Silent Evaluator for Shain: Uma Vasudevan, CC, CL
TME handed over the control to President Chitirra who took us through the Awards and Presentation session

Best Assigned Speech: Rajendra
Best Table Topics Speaker: Jocelyn
Best Evaluator: Haji Hashim Adnan DTM
The meeting was adjourned, group photo was taken and we signed off by cutting cake for June birthday babies.

Blog Writer - Shain Anand.
See you all on 25th June 2019.


Blog 436 – I smile, you smile

Counting down to the final 3 meetings of the term, we started the meeting with the theme of the day, I smile, you smile which warmed up the atmosphere in the meeting room.
Ek Yeo, who was our Assistant Sergeant At Arms, called the meeting to order by leading us to recite the Toastmaster’s Promises.
It was a special day for our Madam President, Chitirra, LD1 who then took over the stage and gave her presidential opening address. With the theme of the day, I Smile, You Smile, she warmed the room with a wide smile on her face while sharing how happy she felt spending time with us at Toastmaster on her birthday. She then proceeded to invite our grammarian, Shain Anand to introduce the word of the day, Pleasure. A few guest joined us with a round of self-introduction, where we got to know each other better and gave each of us the opportunity to speak and share our thoughts on the word of the day as well as theme of the day.
Malaysia is a multicultural country where we celebrate a variety of unique festivals together. Being in the Ramadan month, we had a wonderful “buka puasa” or fast breaking session with our Muslim members by bringing forward our usual break time and enjoying the signature nasi lemak and bananas while we had a wonderful time bonding with each other.
The meeting resumed when our Toastmaster of the Evening, Manish Jha, IP1, invited Matthew Philippose, CC, ALB, on stage. Matthew blew our mind with his uplifting invocation speech. Manish then took over the floor to brief our guest and reminded us of the history of Toastmaster International and how the leadership system has brought us to become one of the most successful non profit organizations. 
We have our members and a special guest from Toastmaster TTDI, ACS, ALB, Shari Wiemer, whom took up the following roles during the meeting:-
  1. General Evaluator – Shari Wiemer, ACS, ALB
  2. Ah Counter – VijayKumar,CC
  3. Grammarian – Shain Ahnand
  4. Timer – Wendy Sim, CC
Thank you for demonstrating how a great team work can be done. Your contributions had made the meeting run smoothly.
Next, came the adrenaline ride of the meeting, where we had the fun and exciting Table Topics session, nicely led by our president, LD1, Chitirra. In addition to introducing the purpose, objective and rules of the session to us, she gave our brave speakers a Ferrero Rocher chocolate as a reward on their courage to challenge the impromptu speeches on stage! Kudos to all 5 speakers, Paul Tan, KT Chok, Jocelyn, Danis and CS Ong, whom raised up to the challenge!

And Congratulations to CS Ong, our newly joined Toastmaster member for being voted as the Best Table Topics Speech award! His speech was very well delivered with confidence!

Moving on to the highlight of the meeting, our Assigned Speech Session, where we have our first speaker of the day, DTM, CP Lau, delivering his speech title, Golden Questions. It was nothing but a fruitful and eye opening experience to see a seasoned DTM dancing across the stage with his well delivered speech! The 2 golden questions which we all can learn to apply in our daily life for a more productive results are, What went well, and How can we do better. Thank you for sharing with us these golden questions CP Lau! Up next, our second and last speaker of the day was yet another

outstanding speaker, ACB, ALB, Julia Leong who had presented to us how her solar hot water system can help to save the environment. A very convincing presentation! Some of us were even interested to find out more about the product after the speech!
It was then time for a short 5 minutes break for our members and the guest before moving into our Evaluation and Reports Session.

Our General Evaluator Shari Wiemer, ACS, ALB, led us through the evaluation and report session enthusiastically and she shared with us some of the techniques practiced by her when evaluating a speech. She introduced the Pie concept, where we could point out 2 good points from a speech and 2 suggestions for improvement follow by an encouraging remark to motivate and inspire the speaker to do better! Thank you Shari! She then invited our Table Topics Evaluator of the day, ATMG, KL Loh to share with us his evaluation on our 5 brave speakers. KL did an excellent evaluation and provided constructive feedback to each of the speakers! Next, Rey Thean gave her first evaluation on DTM CP Lau’s Speech, great job on integrating the golden questions into the evaluation! The floor was then passed to CC, ALB,Mathew Philipose for the evaluation of ACB, ALB, Julia Leong’s speech swiftly. 
There was a special evaluation session by CC,CL, Shaun Koshy, who evaluated Rey’s evaluation. It was an eye opening session seeing how nicely the evaluation was given! After a short period of open evaluation, each technical role player presented their report to the general evaluator.
Towards the end of the meeting, the President presented the award to our best table topic speaker CS Ong and also presented a token of appreciation to our general evaluator, Shari Wiemer.
Toastmaster is a platform for us to practice our public speaking skills, polish our communications skills and enhance our leadership skills! Here we all grow at our pace to one day bloom into our fullest potential!
Blog Writer - Rey Thean.
See you all on 11th June 2019.


Blog 435 – Plan, Prepare, Perform

We have come thus far! It was our 435th meeting after 17 years! This meeting also marked the final 4th meeting of the term. Time flies. Hence, we had our meeting themed “Plan, Prepare, Perform!” which we are gearing up for the formation of our new Club Officers! It was a regular club meeting cum Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club’s Annual Business Meeting.
Our Assistant Sergeant At Arms, Olivia Chen, PM1 whom had called the meeting to order, led us by reciting the Toastmaster’s Promise. It was a timely reminder that, as a member of Toastmasters International and our club, we “attend the club meeting regularly”. Thanks to Olivia.

Madam President, Chitirra, LD1 then took over the stage and gave her presidential opening address. She shared her experience being the president of the club this and brought out the importance of plan, prepare and perform in order for us to maintain up keep quality meetings. The word of the day, “Success” was introduced by our grammarian, Vijaykumar, CC. We had a few guests visited. Through the round of self-introduction, we got to know each other better and it gave us the opportunity to speak and make use of the theme and word of the day.

As we are in the Ramadan month, we brought forward our break time so we had the “bukapuasa” together with our Muslim members. It was a fun-filling and food-filling break session. Thanks to Hj. Hashim Adnan, DTM for his delicious dates. The signature nasilemak and bananas have never failed our taste buds.
During the break, we filled up our stomach. After the break, our past president, also the Area C1 Director, Ron Yeap, ACB, CL continued to fuel up our brain. He presented to us an invocation speech. Failing to plan, is planning to fail, the bring-home message that he had for us. His very close to us example, plan, prepare and execute the holiday plan, to have a pleasant and happy family holiday. Thank you Ron!
Our first timer Toastmaster of the Evening, Mike Chin, took over the stage. A round of applause to Mike for his courage in taking up this role and performed it very well. I particularly like the way he introduced the history of Toastmasters International as well as our club. It was informative, yet simple and precise. The overall conduct of the meeting was very smooth. Well done Mike! Keep it up!
We have our members whom took up the following roles during the meeting:-
1.       General Evaluator – Wendy Sim, CC
2.       Ah Counter – Rajendra
3.       Grammarian – Vijaykumar, CC
4.       Timer – EK Yeo, CC, CL

   Thank you for carrying out your duty diligently. Your demonstrated attentive listening skill is something ach and everyone of us should learn and practice. 
      Moving on, the exciting, interesting and fun Table Topics session was led by again our first timer, Rey Thean. Kudos to Rey! 
     She stood on stage, explained to us the objective, purpose and rules of this session very steadily. The topics Rey chose were interesting yet challenging. The audience was very participative. We have 5 speakers who challenged the stage and took on the topics provided, they are,
1.       Tan Be Hoe, CTM, CL – If it is to be, it is up to me
2.       KL Loh, ATMG – The most important lesson of my life, so far
3.       Steven Khaw, DTM – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
4.       KT Chok, PM4 – Poverty is the state of mind
5.       Annie Wong – Courage is not the absence of fear
Congratulations to Steven Khaw, DTM for voted as the Best Table Topics Speech award! We learned a lot from your presentation.
The 5 table topics speeches were evaluated by yours truly.
      Our General Evaluator Wendy Sim, CC led us on the evaluation and reports session. She was very encouraging and uplifting during her evaluation. She has also suggested the rooms for improvement to us. Be puncture is the message she sent across to us. Thank you Wendy for your advice. We noted with thanks.
Due to the scheduled Annual Business Meeting, our meeting adjourned at around 8.30pm with the fun of learning, sweet smiles on everyone’s face in the group photo. We look forward to meeting all in our upcoming meeting on 28 May, 2019.
This is a great platform for everyone to learn and practice communication and leadership skills. Encourage, bring your friends to join us!
See you soon!

Blog Writer -CP Lau, DTM.



Meeting #434 : Work Hard, Play Hard

It was a quiet month end as the members were coming in one-by-one. Many Toastmasters had to wear multiple hats today. The meeting began slightly late as our Sergeant-At-Arms, Toastmaster of the Evening cum Table Topics™ Master, Manish Jha, IP1, called the meeting to order.
The theme was Work Hard, Play Hard and the word of the day was contentment. The President was contented to give her Presidential speech for the evening as our fellow members had worked very hard over the last 9 months and finally was recognised in the last District 102 Annual Conference for being a President’s Distinguished Club. All the members on the floor were happy to introduce themselves as well in the round of introduction.
Manish Jha, IP1 then put on his Toastmaster of the Evening hat and briefed all on the history of Toastmasters and introduced the role players for the evening to explain their roles. Olivia Chen, PM1 was the Ah-Counter, Chitirra, LD1 was the Grammarian, Cetani Chen, ACS, ALB was the Timer while we had Shalini Taneja, ACB, CL from MAD Toastmasters as our General Evaluator. Following, he swapped hats once more to bring us through the Table Topics™ Session with a vast variety of topics. Every member who participated gave us a good takeaway message and feeling from their speech. 
The entertaining project speeches session then began as Ken Chan, DTM being the first speaker slipped into the role of a boss giving a talk on Lean 5S to his employees with his title “Lean 5S”. Following, we had Rey Thean deliver her second speech on ‘Researching and Presenting’ with her title “What Drives Us To Do Something!” and she spoke about Maslow’s Law on Hierarchy. Finally from the Advanced Communication Manual we had Julia Leong, ACB, ALB do a speech on ‘Uplift The Spirit’ with her title “Integrity” and as her title spells it out, she spoke on the importance of integrity. 
We had a very quick break session and we went on with the evaluation session led by Shalini Taneja, ACB, CL. First up was a very detailed Table Topics™ evaluation by Vijaykumar, CC. Later on the evaluations for the project speeches was done respectively by Srinivas K M, DTM on Ken Chan, DTM, followed by Kishan Pradip Doshi, DL3 on Rey and finally Ken Chan, DTM himself on Julia Leong, ACB, ALB. Their evaluations were critical yet convincing. 
After a short open evaluation session, each technical role player gave their respective reports. ShaliniTaneja, ACB, CL then gave her critical heartfelt General Evaluator report to all. With that the best speakers were announced by our Toastmaster of the Evening, Manish Jha, IP1 as follows:

Best Table Topics™ Speaker: Srinivas K M
Best Evaluator: Ken Chan, DTM
The floor was then passed back to the President who then gave an appreciation gift to the General Evaluator, received the guest’s feedback and made some announcements on the upcoming Annual Business Meeting. She then had a special segment to recognise the special award winners that received awards and appreciations during the last Annual Conference and over the term as follows:

Victor Wan, ACS, ALB – Club Sponsor (Roche SSC TMC)
Julia Leong, ACB, ALB – Area C1 Director (2019/2020)
CP Lau, DTM – Triple Crown Award, DTM Award
Olivia Chen, PM1 – Pathways Level 1
Dato’ Dr. Mary de Silve, PM4 – Pathways Level 1-4  
KT Chok – Audit Committee District 102 2018/2019, Pathways Level 1-4
Chitirra, LD1 – Audit Committee District 102 2018/2019
Ken Chan, DTM – DTM Award, Audit Chair District 102 2018/2019
Rey Thean – New Membership Campaign
Money Mastery-KL TMC – President’s Distinguished Club 2018/2019

It was truly a proud moment where we worked hard and played harder over the weekend of the conference. Truly hard work pays off. It is now time to pass on the knowledge and skills to the next term of EXCOs when the decision is made at our Annual Business Meeting next.
Till we meet again, always remember, work hard, play hard, work smart, play harder.


Meeting # 433 – Earth Day(Protecting Species)

Money Mystery-KL Kuala Lumpur Toastmaster club held their second meeting of the month last Tuesday on 23/4/2019. Many members and guests were present that evening, the arrangement of chairs, tables and decorations were nicely done before the meeting started and the delicious legacy of a meal, NasiLemak, fruits & appetizers were brought and placed for the attendants. Everyone was looking fresh and motivated, looking forward to what this gathering could bring to us. Joy and good values into our daily lives. Every Toastmasters meeting is always unique, highly thought provoking and contains great joy indeed.  ''Earth Day- Protecting Species'' was the theme of this meeting which was meant to spread the awareness and remind ourselves as human of our responsibilities and duties against our motherland and other creatures. It is to preserve the existing natural ecosystem which we are a part of, not only for one day but for every day, years to come and for our generation and the next. It was certainly a theme with a great message carried out.

Ron Yeap, ACB, CL was the Sergeant-At.Arms for the evening.Before the meeting start he ensured everything was in order and everyone had taken their seats.At 7:15pm we started the meeting and Ron reminded us, members and guests of the house rules of the club.He also asked the members to stand and repeat after him the promises of Toastmasters. As he finished and the members were seated, he called upon the president Chitirra,LD1 and invited her over onto the stage. Chitirra, LD1 took the stage. She was wearing magnificent clothes looking as charming as a star coming from world of Bollywood. Chitirra, LD1 started her welcome speech,greeting the guests and members.She had a great sharing on the theme of the day which was dedicated to the earth and protecting the species. She stressed out that our earth is our home and we must always remember our duties as humans to preserve our home and natural species. She called upon the Grammarian to introduce the word of the day which was ''preserve''. She also encouraged everyone by giving them the chance to stand and introduce themselves to the audience and give a little bit of their sharing and thoughts about Earth Day and to make use and practice of the word ''preserve''. As her speech session came to an end, she thanked everyone for coming and wished everyone to enjoy the day, she passed the stage to the Toastmaster of the Evening to start the show.
Manish Jha, IP1 was the Toastmaster of Evening and with his smile, well presented on the stage, he made everyone comfortable and welcomed. He shared with the audience the history of Toastmasters.Furthermore, he introduced the role players of the meeting which were assigned as shown below. They all were given a chance to stand and explain their roles to the audience.
1.    Rey Thean (Ah-Counter)
2.    Chester Liam (Grammarian)
3.    Chong Yik Ming, VC3 (Timer)
4.    Foong Sook Hwa, ACG, ALB (General Evaluator)

At 7:55 pm, it was time for Manish, IP1 to invite Toastmaster Abdul rahman onto the stage and start the Table Topics™ Session. Abdul rahman took the stage cheerfully, engaged with the audience and let the fun begin. He briefed the audience on the Table Topics™ rules. It is an impromptu speech where the participant is invited to speak from 1 – 2.5 mins in any assigned topic without any prior preparation. It is certainly challenging but exciting.
The prepared topics were all related to Earth Day.Great delivery on the chosen topics by Rahman. There were four participants who took on the stage and they were given different assigned topics to speak about.

The participants were as follows:

1.    Vijaykumar, CC: Reduce, Reuse, Recyle
2.    Rey Thean: If you could invent something to save the environment what would it be?
3.    Rajendra: How would you spread the awareness to encourage others to preserve the environment
4.    Manish: Humans are the main reason to impact the natural ecosystem. Agree or disagree.
Well delivered speech and storytelling by all of the participants giving their best thoughts on the topics. Before the end of the session, Abdulrahman asked for the timer’sreport, all the participants were within the allowed time and there was no disqualification. The audience were asked to vote for their best Table Topics™speaker.

Manish, IP1 the Toastmaster of the Evening took the stage again.At 8:10pm, the project speech session was announced and Manish, IP1 introduced the speakers' names and a brief interesting introduction on their speech titles.

The 1st speaker was Ken Chan, DTM withhis speech title ‘'Ken, He Can''. He was conducting the ice breaker speechfrom Level 1 of theDynamic Leadership pathway module. No doubt Ken Chan, DTM is one of the top professional speakers in MMKL with a strong presence of body language, gestures and confidence on the stage. In his speech content, he mentioned about where he came from which was from a small town in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur famous for ‘Yong Tau Fu’. He shared with the audience about the different levels of his past life, from his schooling days up to his working life starting of his career in accounts and reaching the top of his career in training. We were really amazed to hear some of Ken’s life stories.

The 2nd speaker was Rajendra. He recently joined the club as a member, and this was his first prepared speech to start his journey in Toastmasters. He was doing the ice breaker speech from the path Presentation Mastery, Level 1 with his speech title ''Life Is Like A Roller coaster Ride''. Excellent delivery and confidence from Rajendra on the stage. He shared with the audience about where he came from which was South India. He spoke about his family and his past life as a student, graduating and starting his career in civil engineering. He also shared with the audience about his goals to be a leader one day in the future. He shared about his amazing wife and how they both found love and they would always encourage each other to pursue their dreams in life.

The 3rd speaker was none other than Ron Yeap, ACB, CL with the title of his speech “Keep Them Laughing'' taken from the Series of Humorously Speaking from the Advanced Communication Manual. His speech objectives were to develop a kind of communication, keeping it fun & entertaining. He succeeded on this from the time he took the stage. His vocal variety, gestures and funny jokes were well noticed and admired by the audience. We were just laughing along with his speech.He shared some of his personal career experience byputting a lot of funny contents which made us laugh and stay entertained.As Ron finished his humorous speech, the stage was passed back to Manish who asked for the timer’s report. There was no voting for this session as one of the speakers exceeded his given speech time limit.
After awhile, Manish announced for a 15 minute break where everyone was enjoying the food and having some social chatting and catching up amongst each other.

After the break, at 8:45 pm, we resumed the meeting and it was the Evaluation & Reports Session, where all the speakers received constructive feedbacks from their evaluators and members. The Toastmaster of the Evening, Manish, IP1 passed the stage to the General Evaluator, Foong Sook Hwa, ACG, ALB to run the session. She thanked all for inviting her to the club, and it was seen that she has a lot of love for MMKL. The members and I really appreciated her presence as our General Evaluator.
Sook Hwa called upon the Table Topics™ Evaluator, EK Yeo, CC, CL to come on the stage and give his evaluations for the participants of the Table Topics™. He described each speaker’s speech, focusing on the areas in which they excelled and also highlighting some of the areas of improvement such as their vocal variety, gestures and stage usage. After a while,Sook Hwa called upon the first evaluator Vijaykumar, CC to give his evaluation on Ken Chan’s speech. It was an excellent evaluation delivered from Vijay where he pointed out to the audience the parts in which Ken excelled in his speech and how impactful and easy to absorb his ideas were. He also mentioned that the vocal variety was well adapted in Ken’s speech.

The 2nd evaluator was Hj. Hashim, DTM. He was impressed from Rajendra's improvement shown as his first speech although he newly joined the club.Hj.Hashim, DTM shared with the audience the areas where Rajendra excelled in his speech. Eventually, he also pointed out to the audience the areas of improvement and Rajendra's next challenge, such as vocal variety, use of stage and also his body language.

The 3rd evaluator was Chitirra, LD1. She delivered an excellent evaluation for Ron. She highlighted to Ron his speech’s strength and how he met the objectives of his speech by making everyone laugh. It was challenging for her to spot any areas where Ron should improve as an expert speaker, however, Chitirra also suggested to Ron that he could adopt the speaking style of a comedian.She gave him an example of Russell Peters and other stand-up comedians’ delivery styles.
Last but not least,it was the session for Sook Hwa, ACG, ALB our General Evaluator to give her feedback to the evaluators. She thanked all evaluators and mentioned that overall the feedbacks were excellent and constructive. She also allowed for the audience for an open evaluation session to give their thoughts on the speakers’ performance. At 9:30pm she requested from all the technical role players (Ah-Counter, Grammarian and Timer) to share their reports with the audience. Nevertheless, Sook Hwa revealed her overall feedback on this evening’s meeting. She evaluated all the role players, evaluators and the whole club. She mentioned that MM-KL is one of her favourite clubs which she would never hesitate to come and visit anytime.
Before the meeting ended, it was time to appreciate our best performers of the meeting. Manish Jha, IP1 Invited the President Chitirra, LD1 to the stage to give the appreciation certificates and gifts. Everyone was excited and eager to hear the results. Drum rolls were in the air as everyone kept guessing the winners of each category. For this evening the awards went to:

Best Table Topics™ Speaker: Rey Thean
Best Assigned Speech Evaluation: Hj.Hashim, DTM.
At 9:45pm, it was time to do the closing address by the President. She adjourned the meeting as always with a remarkable photo of the day as a group. That was our event of the evening. It was full of joy and fun. Hope you enjoyed reading this and see you all in our next blog.
Blog Writer: Abdul rahman Azazi, PM1