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#401 My Spirit is a Roaring Sea

Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club just finished their 400th meeting in our Toastmasters’ history of 15 years. This was our 401st meeting to show our roaring sea spirit in every conduct of this meeting. ASAA of the evening, Yap Ooi Yee, CC, took the control at 7:16pm with only a one minute delay from the scheduled time. She assured everything was in order to kick start the meeting. “Raise your hand if you have not received the voting slip? The voting slip is to vote for the best speakers. Another very important point, toilet is not working temporarily on our floor and downstairs is already being occupied today hahaha.” This was not humour but a reality. Believe it or not the whole evening went on very smoothly. She recited the Toastmaster’s promises with us and handed the floor to our acting-president, Chitirra.

Our acting-president intrepidly addressed the meeting and asked, kindly introduce yourself and use the word of the day ‘Intrepid’ and the theme of the day ‘My Spirit is A Roaring Sea’. It is our club culture to let everyone speak at least once throughout the meeting. She then passed the floor to the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), Shain Anand who then introduced the Humour Master, Distinguish Toastmaster (DTM), Ken Chan.

Ken chan is a professional speaker and mentor. Sometimes he comes with his inspiring speech but today he decided to begin this evening with some humour. We laughed like wild emojis. We got excited to move on. 

Our TME then took the stage again. For your kind information, Shain is also our VPPR of this term 2017/18 and a wonderful Toastmaster and friend. He came up with his attitude like a roaring sea. He briefed all on the history of Toastmasters International and our club, especially for the guests. Yes, most of the time we have some guests in our meeting. One of the guest today also accepted to sign up in the same evening. Shain then proceeded to introduce the role players, the Grammarian, Ah’ counter, Time keeper and General Evaluator for the night, Distinguished Toastmaster Dr. Devi Menon who comes from Sai Toastmasters Club. 

Now as the excitement was soaring high, our Table Topics ™ Master Dato Dr. Mary De Silva was called on to the stage. Table Topics ™ session is a frightening yet fun filling session. We actually have no idea what topic is about to be received and what we will speak. She came up prepared with very inspiring and beautiful topics. We found 4 intrepid speakers. Shin (Guest), Joel, myself (Manish) and Victor Ong , DTM (From Liquid Gold TMC). Everyone spoke well. Do you know why? Because the topics were amazing? 

Drop by on any 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday of the month in the evenings at 7.15pm if you want to participate in our fun filling session. This evening our time keeper Yap Ooi Yee,CC displayed the green signal to the TME to proceed with the prepared project speeches as the time was up for Table Topics ™. Now the 1st speaker of the day Ken Chan, DTM came up with his speech entitled ‘Negotiate to Win’. This speech was as per the Competent Communication manual speech #8, Get Comfortable with Visual Aids. Negotiation is very important in our life no matter what you do, but in business it creates great impact if you can negotiate well. I hope you know what I mean. It was completely worth it watching his negotiation techniques as he is the subject matter expert.

The 2nd Speaker of the day was Joel Silas with his speech entitled, ‘Power, Influence & Politics’. He is a very good learner. He proved it too. He proved that practice can make anyone perfect. Keep up the hunger of learning Joel! I was privileged to be his speech evaluator. It means I was more observant. Hahaha. He was doing his speech from the Competent Communication Manual, speech #9 which was “Persuade With Power”. He did very well and persuaded the whole audience to earn the power, use it wisely and serve yourself and the community. That will make not only you proud but also the whole nation and the whole world.

The 3rd speaker is none other than CP Lau, ACB, ALB. He is an entrepreneur by his profession in IT and in other Industries as well. He is a very good communicator and speaker.  He was a speaking from the Advanced Manual called “Speaking to Inform” which required him to give a speech on an abstract concept. His speech title was ‘Are you happy? ’ Interesting right? He tried to get to know the audience and see how happy they were. He also talked about what real happiness is. H mesmerised and captivated us throughout his speech. Thanks CP for the lovely piece.

The 4th and final speaker of the day was our brand new member “Xavier Gomez”. He was doing his Ice Breaker speech from the “Leadership Development” path, Level-1. He came with his speech title “The Owner of The New house”. We were very curious about what he was going to talk about. This was suspense until he made it clear that his name Xavier has a meaning called “The Owner of The New House”. As there is a saying, everyone has a story to share, Xavier found the perfect story to share about his life. He talked about his initial life, love life and career. It was amazing to know Xavier. Keep it up!

Do you want a break? Let’s break for 10 mins.

Despite knowing that our Toilet was not operational that night, everyone served their tummies non-stop with the wonderful dinner. We were still eating then our time keeper rang the bell, “Guys, times up. Please get back. You can even eat after the meeting”. 

The ball was now in the General Evaluator, Dr. Devi Menon’s, DTM court. She is a wonderful Toastmaster, a friend and an amazing evaluator. She bravely followed the agenda. She called out Table Topic’s Evaluator, Kevin Khoo,CC. Kevin was brilliant, another fantastic speaker and evaluator. He was attentively listening to all the 4 speakers and highlighted in his evaluation, the speakers’ strengths and area of improvements. He encouraged and gave an utmost valuable feedback. We felt accomplished.

Now it was the project speech evaluators’ turn. Firstly, Dato’ Dr. Mary De Silva called to evaluate speaker Ken Chan’s, DTM speech “Negotiate to Win” as she was doing her evaluation project from pathways (“Presentation Mastery”). There was another evaluator to evaluate Dr. Mary’s evaluation who was Victor Ong, DTM from Liquid Gold Toastmasters Club. Both of them gave wonderful insights to Ken to improve further in his speech and praised his strengths. Dato Dr, Mary De Silva also got some pointers to do a better evaluation next time from Victor Ong,DTM.

Next, I was doing my best evaluation to evaluate Joel’s speech ‘Power, Influence & Politics’. I did my best and I was doing my project on evaluation from my path ‘Innovative Planning’. Therefore, I also got an evaluator to evaluate my evaluation. I particularly liked this part of the meeting on the evaluation of the evaluators. We tried our best to learn from each other.

Following after us Mathew Philippose, CC, ALB appeared on stage and the way he soared with the spirit in his evaluation, he won the best evaluation of the evening. He is also a professional speaker and mentor.

We called out our final speech evaluator Ron Yeap, ACB, CL. He is our Immediate Past President. He was attentive in listening to Xavier’s speech. An evaluator’s job is to comment on how the speaker has done well. An evaluator should acknowledge and provide a constructive feedback so that the speaker will be able to perform much better in their next speech. He did exactly that. Along with the speaker Xavier, we all felt once again accomplished.

Finally General Evaluator Dr. Devi Menon, DTM, was most observant and completely in charge when she told us as a whole club on what we are good at and what needs to be improved. An amazing evening it was with this bunch of enthusiastic, friendly and supportive people. This kind of environment can most definitely bring out the best in you.

Here, our Toastmaster of the Evening was enjoying the entire show and then took charge of the show again and called our club president Wendy Sim, CC to acknowledge the best performers of the evening. Yes, we do it in every meeting.

The Best Table Topics ™ Speaker goes toooooo , Joel Silas,
The Best Project Speech goes toooo ,Joel’s mentor Ken Chan, DTM.
The Best Project Speech Evaluation goes tooooo: Mathew Phillippose, CC, ALB.

What are you thinking now? That’s it!  The club president gave her closing address, summarised the whole meeting and adjourned the meeting. See you all again on 13th Feb 2018.

Blog Writer: Manish Jha, CC

ASAA- Assistant Sergent At Arms.
CC- Competent Communication speaking manual.
ACB ALB- Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Leader Bronze.
DTM- Distinguished Toastmaster.
TME- Toastmaster of the Evening.
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A Flourished 400th

The first chapter of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich says it all. Thoughts are things. An ideology, a concept or a simple hope could spark at any given moment and it takes a great visionary, a hopeful dreamer, a transformational leader to take that of which merely exists in the mind and materialize it.

And who would have known that what started in a small basement in Santa Ana, California on the 22nd of October 1924 would end up flourishing on the 3rd floor of MCA PJ Selatan on the 23rd of January 2018.

As a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so did the journey to Money-Mastery KL Toastmasters’ (MMKL) 400th meeting. An ordinary meeting with an extraordinary history behind it.
Themed “A Flourished 400th”, the meeting was set to go despite the heavy rain. Even the sky was crying with joy for our 400th. Our respectable Immediate Past President, Ron Yeap, Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Competent Leader (CL) called the meeting to order and we got into mode. Something about reading the 2nd half of our Toastmasters’ promise that night that made us recollect why we were all here as Toastmasters.

The beautiful President, Wendy Sim, Competent Communicator (CC) who sponsored golden 400 shaped balloons for the occasion came on stage to give her admirable address of our 400th meeting. She welcomed the guests, speaking of which, it was nothing but a pure privilege to have with us for the special night a VIP as our General Evaluator (GE). We were blessed with the presence of District 102 Director, Azizah Abu Hassan, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) as our GE for our 400th meeting. Alongside we were visited by Division C Director, Danny Bong, ACS, CL.

The first time Grammarian and our newest member, Xavier Gomez introduced the word of the day “Vigour” with much vigour indeed and following on all the members and guests spoke on their feet during the introduction about the theme whilst applying the word of the day.

Oh, we had past presidents still full of vigour take us on a nostalgic ride as they spoke of their first memories at MMKL. It was surreal today’s introduction as even I recollected the moment I first set foot into the door of MMKL as a guest. It’s not just the doors that are open here but the arms of the members that extend straight to their hearts as well. You wouldn’t find camaraderie and friendship elsewhere like how you find it in MMKL. Which is why I vividly remember my sentence as a guest 1.5 years ago before I even signed up as a member “I think… I’ve fallen in love with this club”.
We then had one of our pioneer members, Hj. Hashim Adnan, DTM, the jolly golfer who’s always having a cheery smile on his face to deliver us an impactful invocation speech. It was melancholy but uplifting, it was simple but thought provoking, it was full of variety but with a steady purpose as well. Friendship. Revolving around the motto of our club “Friends Helping Friends Succeed”, Hj. Hashim delivered like a true Toastmaster and left us with some food for thought.

The impromptu, fun-filled Table Topics ™ session thus followed, with our Table Topics ™ Master of the evening, Crystal Chen, ACB, Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB). Crystal played this role in the club for the first time but managed to string an array of topics that were absolutely apt to the occasion. Members from the floor Nini, KL Loh, Advanced Toastmaster Gold (ATMG), Hj. Hashim, DTM and Danny attempted at them and tested their abilities.

Alas, we moved on to the Project Speech Session with our first speaker, myself, Chitirra, who carried out my CC7: Research Your Topic with a speech entitled “Insomnia”. Something I tend to struggle with as I type this blog out at 4.15am when clearly I could be sleeping. I spoke of its symptoms, causes and some simple self-help remedies that could suppress the condition.

Next we had 3 Pathway Project speeches, all of which were from the Path “Presentation Mastery”.
The second speaker was K T Chok, with his Ice Breaker, “The Rising Sun”. He spoke of his origins from Tawau, Sabah and his passion for compounding figures as an investment banker. From Borneo Boy to Banker Boy, indeed KT himself is a rising sun.

Next we had, Dato Dr. Mary de Silva deliver her Project 2: Evaluation & Feedback speech entitled “Yes”. Dato Dr. Mary may be a new member but she speaks like a true professional and “Yes” her speeches contain so much valuable lessons all the time. This time she summarised Jim Carrey’s movie ‘Yes Man’ and shared with us on how a ‘Yes’ to take up a simple task, can take us a long way in life.

Last but not least, we had Olivia Chen also do her Project 2: Evaluation & Feedback speech. Whilst Mary’s was full of vigour, Olivia’s was full of peace. It was serene but captivating as she brought us into Zen mode to understand the art and science behind the eastern culture of flower arrangement. With her speech entitled “Ikebana” she even demonstrated with real flowers the Japanese flower arranging concept and what it actually symbolises. It was truly a treat for the eyes.

Today, we also made time to induct our newest member, Xavier Gomez and led him to his guiding light in Toastmasters, his mentor, Manish Jha, CC. Our VPM, Yap Ooi Yee carried out the protocol and with a round of Hi-5s flying in the air to welcome our newest guest, we set his spirit high with vigour and wished him all the growth and happiness in his Toastmasters journey as he set his first step in his thousand mile journey.

A short 10 minute break was in order as our MMKL members truly indulge in our tantalizing favourite, Nasi Lemak and can really go bananas with the bananas we serve.

Having filled our tummies, it was time again for another round of breakfast. The breakfast for champions as we call it here in Toastmasters, we continued with the very vital evaluation session. To conduct the session, our GE, District 102 Director, Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM took control of the stage.

The Table Topics ™ Evaluator, Manish Jha, CC gave a very detailed and distinctive evaluation on each of the speakers. Then the panel evaluators each came on stage to deliver their project speech evaluations, each with a style of their own. K L Loh, ATMG evaluated Chitirra in his unfastened but honest manner. Foo Fung Jiun, CC gave his first ever evaluation to KT. He truly observed the speech and displayed a smooth evaluation even remembering to encourage the speaker to return for more speeches. He understood and applied the sandwich method despite being a first time evaluator. Hj. Hashim, DTM, danced and pranced in his movement and toned down and toned up in his volume and gave an intricate evaluation on Dato’ Dr. Mary’s speech, which is why he never fails to bag a prize at any given Evaluation Contest. Finally, we had Ken Chan, DTM evaluate Olivia in his technical manner of evaluation. Known for his abbreviations and mastery techniques, this time Ken Chan, DTM was on a roll with his evaluation.

Honest and genuine open evaluations were given at random to all the project speakers and we finally moved on to the technical reports. We had a precise Grammarian report from Xavier Gomez, a well observed Ah-Counter report from EK Yeo, CC, CL and a timely report from the Timekeeper, Yap Ooi Yee, CC. Following, we had the general summary of what was pleasant and what could have been more pleasant about the meeting from our poised and professional GE, Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM.

On this special occasion of our 400th meeting, having had also the fortune of the District Director’s presence, we set aside some air time for her special address and it was nothing but pure words of wisdom. Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM drilled into our minds that we can be more than what we already are and that the possibilities are endless. Having been a President’s Distinguished Club since 2003, she reminded MMKL that more can be done if we choose to raise the bar, that even a fine club can always be fine-tuned, that a little difference can make a big difference, that a “Yes” as mentioned by Mary in her speech can go a long way. I was pumped, I was boosted, I was driven by her encouragement and truly it was a gain to have heard her express her views and ideologies.

It was time again for our President Wendy Sim, CC to take the floor with the awards and announcements for the evening. Upon presenting a token of appreciation to our GE, we once again called upon Azizah Abu Hassan, DTM, to give away the Smedley Award Ribbon we gained to our President. We then invited Division C Director, Danny Bong, ACS, CL, to give away some education award ribbons that we gained for the term. It is important that members are recognized for their achievements and efforts, for a little motivation can do wonders in retaining the spirit and drive in a club.

Finally, the long awaited moment to award the best speakers arrived. Drumrolls drummed in our ear drums as the Best Table Topics award went to Hj. Hashim, DTM, the Best Speech Evaluator was bagged by Ken Chan, DTM and last but not least the Best Project Speech was rewarded to Olivia Chen. Truly deserving were they.

With joy in the air and inspiration in our hearts, the meeting was adjourned and we got together to snap a fantabulous 400th meeting picture. We had props and the balloons to complement the occasion and add a burst of fun into the picture that will go down in history henceforth.

Come to think of it though, it’s not about celebrating how long we’ve been around. 100th, 200th­­, 300th or 400th, they are but numbers. Tonight, what we really celebrated was the vision of a great man who saw this day coming and the spirit of millions who made it happen. Nevertheless, it’ll be cool if I’d stick around to celebrate our 500th wouldn’t it? Goodbye… just for now!

Blog Writer: Chitirra

International Speech & Table Topics Contest 2018

Who were present at the event?

  • Wendy Sim, CC, President of Money Mastery KL Toastmasters Club.
  • Foo Fung Jiun, CC, Contest Chair
  • Crystal Chen, ACB, ALB, International Speech Contest Toastmaster
  • Joel Silas, Table Topics Contest Toastmaster
  • Shain Anand, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Contestants, guests and toastmasters

The long awaited, highly anticipated International Speech Contest and Table Topics Contests 2017/2018 are finally here! “If you want to grow… if you want to be stretched… if you want to become a better speaker, come participating in our club level contest!” wrote the Contest Chair, Foo Fung Jiun. He said “The best way to rapidly improve your communication skills regardless of your experience level is through competition!”. And, here we are, the day of reckoning is here.

The competitions that begin from the club levels will eventually propel contests winners through the competition journeys of the area, the division, the district and eventually the international levels.

It takes serious courage and guts to compete in the contests, regardless of your experience levels. Not only that you have to work through the usual fear of public speaking and getting on stage, you need to have the necessary command of an audience that made up entirely of highly professional Toastmasters or new Toastmasters. 

Everything we learn in Toastmasters, every mistakes that have been pointed out would be put in test. Afterall, we are humans, we make errors but contests are known to be a little bit cruel. When the contestants are up there, the judges/audience do not afford them much forgiveness that would be expected during normal days of Toastmasters meeting. Hardly, any mistakes will go unmarked. 

While these are the excitement of contests that some people are so fearsome to do, a huge round of applause must be given to the contestants listed above. Let us cherish the courage of the contestants. May it be you at the next contest!

What happened in the event?

The highly organized, successfully executed contests would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of the organizing committee which was chaired by the Contest Chair, Foo Fun Jiun. Backed by a team of highly dedicated members of Money Mastery KL Toastmasters club, the planning of the event has started weeks ahead. Every details from food preparation to photography to awards giving have been carefully crafted. 

As a result, it was a truly smooth sailing event. Kudos to the organizing committees as below.
  • Foo Fung Jiun, CC, Contest Chair
  • Crystal Chen, ACB, ALB, Contest Toastmaster International Speech
  • Joel Silas, Contest Toastmaster Table Topics
  • EK Yeo, CC, CL, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Shain Anand, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Olivia Chen, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Shelly Sim, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Daniel Tham, Photographer
  • KT Chok, Blog Writer

Special thanks to:
  • Henry Fu, ACB, ALB, Chief Judge
  • Cheryl Ong, CC, ALB, Ballot Counter
  • Ng Yee Chia, ACB, CL, Ballot Counter
  • Joshua Chan, CC, CL, Ballot Counter
  • Juliana Teh, CC, Time Keeper
  • Malcolm Sze, ACB, ALB, Time Keeper
The event started right on time with the calling from the Sergeant-At-Arms Shain Anand. Contest Chair, Foo Fung Jiun CC started by giving his opening remarks to the audience and stated the importance of the contests as well as thanking everyone for making the event a reality. Crystal Chen ACB, ALB, Contest Toastmasters of International Speech stood tall to outline the contest rules for the benefits of all and introduced the Contestants and their order of speaking to the audience. Crystal Chen promised the audience that the contests would bring “lots of funs” to the audience and, indeed, the audience was truly exhilarated and thrilled by the contests.

International Speech Contest

  • Chitirra Amirthalingam
  • CP Lau, ACB, ALB
  • Ken Chan, DTM
  • Manish Jha, CC
  • KL Loh, ATMG

Table Topics Contest

  1. Ken Chan, DTM
  2. Manish Jha, CC
  3. Mary de Silva
  4. Srikant Marakani
  5. Xavier Gomez
  6. Julia Leong, ACB, ALB
  7. Hj Hasim, DTM

“Do you live to eat, or eat to live”? Never did I thought that eating can be a topic with such a huge impact, given how complacent Malaysians are when it comes to eating. After all, Malaysia is a food heaven!

Nevertheless, that was exactly the topic that was thrown at to the Table Topic Contestants. Table Topics session is one session that requires us to think on our feet and speak in a impromptu way, not to mention this is a Contest of Table Topic. There will be winners and vice versa. 

Our first contestant, Tuan Haji Hashim, through his life experience, described to the audience that the situation is indeed a Catch 22 situation where it seems like a dilemma from which Malaysians always struggle with given the mutually dependent conditions. Meanwhile, Jula Leong stated that it really does not matter as long as we “live life to the fullest”! On the other hand, Ken Chan pointed to the audience that he actually did enjoy doing both but under different conditions..

Srikant, the fourth contestant, likened eat to live to survivability where a person would need to ingest to sustain his or her life. Manish Jha, the man with a body that Ken Chan admired whether jokingly or not, announced to the audience that whether we eat to live or live to eat, we are the winner either way! However, it is the emotional hunger that we should be watching out for for it may overtake the real hunger that instigated us to eat n the first place. 

Xavier, our 6th contestant of Table Topic, advocated that eating to live is always a result of the environment which could arise from living pressure and state of life. He said that while foods are for  enjoy, Malaysians are really passionate about living to eat given the choice of foods we have in Malaysia. Eat to live or live to eat, Xavier is continuously wrestling with the idea.

The final contestant of Table Topic, Mary de Silva, meanwhile, indicated that “Do i eat to live or live to eat” is a popular question thrown at Malaysians as we know Malaysians’ life is all about the food, the food and the food. However, too much of food can create adversity and doctor’s advice according to her is always eat to live. She cited that patients with life threatening diseases might not have a choice but to eat to live. 

Therefore, enjoy your choices for now, whatever your choice is!

What are the results of the contests?

First thing first, no one get disqualified due to exceeding allotted time.

Second of all, no reports of protests to the results of winners were reported for both International Speech Contest and Table Topic Contest.

Thanks to the Judges for the head scratching session. Making a decision of who were actually winners were no easy tasks given the strong competence level of those speakers. Nevertheless, every contests are winners and without further adieu, we announced the winners for the contests as below.

International Speech Contests:

The winners of the speech contest are not revealed here as it may give our winner an advantage for the upcoming Area Contest

Table Topic Contests:

First place: Julia Leong, ACB, ALB

Second place: Tuan Haji Hashim, DTM

Third Place: Mary de Silva

As our the President of Money Mastery KL Toastmasters club pointed out, we created history that night. We witnessed the making of the champions of our club. However, we can only have one winner in any contests and the winner for the contests tonight are the PARTICIPANTS! Thanks to everyone for making the event a meaningful reality.

Blog Writer: KT Chok

#398 Christmas, Deck the halls

26 December 2017 marks the last MMKL Toastmasters meeting in Year 2017. December is the ‘Season’s Greetings’ and holiday month. Due to that, many members were unable to attend the meeting and special thanks to Tn Haji Hashim, DTM and CP Lau, ACB, ALB both for taking up dual roles as a Toastmaster never refuses when called upon to serve. Besides that, we would also like to extend our gratitude to Noor Ain from Maxis Toastmasters Club for being our Grammarian. After the meeting, she had to travel all the way back to Dengkil. Also, a big thanks to all members who were willing to take up roles to make the meeting a success. 

When I stepped in at sharp 7.00pm, I was warmly greeted by our Madam President, Wendy Sim, CC. Our meeting room was set up properly and also filled with Christmas decorations to upbeat the Christmas spirit. As usual, Wendy came in with her best Christmas outfit with a stunning makeover. She passed me a pair of Christmas themed earrings. It was only then that I realized, our sweet President had prepared each of the lady members with a pair of Christmas themed earrings. 

KT Chok, our new member and first timer role player as Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms called the meeting to order at sharp 7.15pm. He was the first speaker who introduced our House Rules, led the recital of “A Toastmaster’s Promise” and invited Madam President to officiate the meeting. He led the session confidently. Well done, KT!

Madam President, Wendy Sim, CC took over the floor and invited Grammarian, Noor Ain to introduce the word of the day, “Mirthful”. As usual, we are encouraged to use theme of the day and word of the day in our introduction. Our “outsourced” Grammarian was impressed as all of us were using the word “mirthful” in our introduction. Throughout the meeting, some members even used the word “mirthful” three times and more. 

Humour Master, Ron Yeap ACB, CL played the role as an energy booster successfully. His speech on “What Kind of Life Those Programmers Are Living” had lightened up the session. He was telling that programmers would not be swayed from work duty even with the presence of a naked woman. How true is it, needs to be clarified with Manish Jha, CC and Shain, who are earning their living as programmers. 

Our charming Toastmaster of the Evening, Fung Jiun, CC started his session with a clear and loud voice singing “Deck the Halls”. “Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la! Tis’ the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la!” Then he briefed us on the History of Toastmasters International and introduced the role players. 

Now the turn for the most exciting session of the meeting – Table TopicTM Session; this is all about impromptu specking. Our petite Table TopicsTM Master, Olivia Chen turned into a pretty Santarina; holding a big red Christmas stocking which was filled with the questions. Just like KT Chok, Olivia Chen is a newly joined member and was playing the role for the first time. She did it excellently. Well done, Olivia. Our long lost member Vijay, kick started the session followed by a guest who is turning into our member soon, Xavier, then the Ah-counter of the night – Kelvin Chong, ACB and lastly the 1st Speaker Speech Evaluator – Manish Jha, CC. Bravo to the 4 participants who volunteered themselves. 

Then it was time for the prepared speeches presentation. There were 4 speakers, which included Srikant, Joel Silas, CP Lau, ACB, ALB and myself (Mandy Chan). Srikant delivered his speech about his adventures in Cambodia. Through 2 trips to Cambodia, he had different experiences and made us realize how lucky we are as many kids in Cambodia are struggling in live. My speech was about obesity issues in Malaysia due to poor eating habits. So, control what you put in your mouth, as you are what you eat. Don’t dig your grave with your own fork and spoon. Joel Silas’ speech was about his “wanderlust” travel to Vienna, Cesky Krumlov and Prague. Not forget to mention he is repeating his speech as he felt like improving from his previous delivery. This round he did splendidly. Good job Joel! The last speaker was CP Lau, ACB, ALB who was promoting his new product, the Big House “Musang King” Coffee. Big House is the largest durian distributor in Bentong and they creatively came up with the idea to mix durian with coffee. At the end of his presentation, we were lucky to have a sip of the Musang King coffee. Thank you, CP. 

We would like express our gratitude to our General Evaluator, Chooi Kum Ying, ACB, ALB to take up the role although she was still wondering who passed her number to our VPE, Chitirra. She led the team of evaluators in monitoring the club’s meeting atmosphere and activities as well as gave constructive suggestions. She did affirm that our club is a performing club with strong seniors’ base to guide the new/junior along the way to become better thyself. All those seniors are our club’s strong pillars. 

It was the time to honour the best performers of the day for the Table TopicsTM, prepared speeches and evaluation. 

Table TopicsTM : Kelvin Chong, ACB

Assigned Speech : CP Lau, ACB, ALB

Evaluation : Tn Hj. Hashim, DTM

Last but not least, we will always be grateful to all the members who took up roles. Without you all, our meeting would not have run smoothly and successfully. And a special thanks to our guest, Xavier, who brought us delicious cookies and chocolates. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the meeting as much as I did; it was a mirthful meeting and we’re always looking forward to coming meetings. We’ll be kick starting 2018 with our club level’s International Speech and Table TopicsTM Contests on the 9th of January 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 

Blog Writer: Mandy Chan

#397 Blast to the past

Time passes very fast and what is your reminiscence of the month of December? Yes, Jingle Bells and Santa Clause! Christmas day is coming soon.

As usual for every club meeting, the venue before the start of the meeting was arranged by whoever comes early. Ron Yeap, Mandy Chan, Olivia, Crystal, EK Yeo, and our member Vijay arrived early to the venue. Our birthday girl today, Shelly Sim, who was a first time role player as an ASAA called the meeting to order at 7.15 pm. The meeting begun with “A Toasmaster’s Promise” recited by all Toastmasters’ members for their commitment to Toastmasters.

The theme of the meeting was “Blast to the Past” and the word of the day was“reminiscent”.

Our Club President, Wendy Sim, took over the control of the meeting with her welcome address. She greeted the distinguished guest Maria Mutahi, CC, who came from Kenya Toastmasters Club as General Evaluator and the other guests. Then she invited the Grammarian, Shain, to introduce the word of the day “Reminiscent”. She invited members and guests to introduce themselves and encouraged all to use word of the day and speak in line with the theme of the day, “Blast to the Past”. All the members and guests did well during the self- introduction.Today’s club meeting was a lively one because we had guests from Japan and Russia as well.

After the introduction session, the floor was passed on to Ron Yeap, ACB, CL who played the role as the Invocation Speaker

Today’s Toastmaster of the Evening is our sweet Mandy Chan who briefed on the history of Toastmasters International and our club.  She introduced the role players for this meeting in the sequence of Grammarian-Shain, “Ah” Counter- Olivia Chen and Timer-Shelly who played 2 roles in this meeting. All the role players introduced their roles and objectives for this evening.
The exciting session of Table Topics­­­TM took place and our President played the role of Table TopicsTM Master. She prepared the topics related to theme of the day. Members and guests were encouraged to participate. She explained the objective of Table Topics TM andthe time limitation for each speaker. The purpose of the Table TopicsTM session is to develop the impromptu speaking skills which includes opening, body and conclusion in their speech.
The order of the Table TopicsTM speakers were as follows:
  1. Vijay
  2. K L Loh, ATMG
  3. Guest - Jasmine
  4. Guest - Jia Ming
  5. Guest - Xavier
  6.         Guest - Alex from Russia

Let’s give a big applause to all the 6 speakers. Here, we were asked to cast a vote for the best Table Topics TM speaker.
After the Table TopicsTM, the TME took over and proceeded with the assigned speeches from Pathways and the Competent Communication Manual.

1st Speaker – Daniel Tham
Speech Title – I Have A Dream
Speech Evaluator – CP Lau  , ACB, ALB
This is his Pathway of Dynamic Leadership Level 1 – Project 1 Ice Breaker
He shared with us his childhood life, where he was educated, about his career and his dream.

2nd  Speaker – Crystal Chen
Speech Title – My Dream
Speech Evaluator – Manish Jha, CC
This is her Pathway of Effective Coaching Level 1 – Project 1 Ice Breaker
Cyrstal has a big dream since childhood. She told us her story about how active she was in school club and organized a drama during her schooling days.

3rd Speaker – Chitirra
Speech Title – Think, Think, Think
Speech evaluator – Ron Yeap, ACB, CL  
This is her Project 6 which required vocal variety.
Chitirra spoke about ways in which we can enhance our thinking skills for the better.

4th Speaker – Yap Ooi Yee
Speech Title – Do You Love Your Loved Ones?
Speech Evaluator – HjHashim , DTM
This is her Project 10 which required  her to inspire the audience.
Ooi Yee inspired us with the struggles faced by families when they lack proper insurance coverage.

All the four speakers qualified to be voted for and congratulations to Ooi Yee who completed her CC which took her a 2-year journey to complete.

After the assigned speech session, we took a 10-minute break for refreshment.

ASAA Shelly Sim called meeting to order after the break. Then, she passed the control of the meeting to the TME Mandy Chan.

It was time for the induction of our newest member. Yap Ooi Yee invited our new member KT Chok to come on the stage and recite the rules as a member of the club. Welcome KT Chok and we are waiting for your speech soon.

General Evaluator,Maria Mutahi, CC was invited to chair the evaluation session. She led the session with her panel of evaluators and role players. She began by explaining the purpose of the evaluation followed by the evaluation from the Table Topics TM evaluator, 4 speech evaluators, role players’ reports and her personal general evaluation. Evaluation is the breakfast for champions because a constructive and specific evaluation helps to improve speakers and make them better. Finally, we were asked to cast a vote for the best speech evaluator.

The time came for the Awards Presentation and the best Table TopicTM, assigned speech and evaluation speaker for the night were:

1.       Table Topics TM– Vijay Kumar, CC
2.       Assigned speech – Yap Ooi Yee
3.       Evaluator –Hj.Hashim, DTM

The President Wendy Sim, CC was called onto the stage for the presidential closing address. She first thanked the TME who handled the meeting diligently. Then she presented the award for the best performers.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.45pm followed by a group photo and cake cutting ceremony for Shelly Sim and Xavier, the two December babies.

Indeed it was a fun filled meeting and someday when we take a blast to the past to reminisce this meeting it will surely be a sweet memory.

 Blog writer: Olivia Chen


Meeting #396 If I were, I’d be

“Every bush can burn if you fire it with your imagination” – Stanishlaw Jerzy Lec
If I were, I’d be” was the meeting theme for meeting #396. It was not only interesting; in fact the theme had fired our imagination, gave us the chance to make our imagination sparkle with possibility. Our club meeting began with the quintessential flow, that is to start the meeting by reciting the “A Toastmaster’s Promise”. The session was led by our newly joined member, Daniel Tham. Even though, this was his first time in playing this role, he did it with poise. Well done, Daniel!

The President, Wendy Sim, CC took over the floor and invited Grammarian, Chitirra to introduce the word of the day, “Quintessential”. All of us went with the flow by using the word “quintessential” in our introduction. I particularly loved Ken’s introduction. He made humor about how to become a quintessential Toastmaster. He told, “First, you need to show up in the meeting. Second, you need to stand up and speak. Once you have spoken, remember to shut up.” His speech has lightened up the introduction session. After the short introduction session, the President briskly handed the floor to Humor master, Kelvin Chong, ACB.

Humor master, Kelvin Chong, ACB, on the other hand, upbeat the audience by telling why Men and Women could never understand each other. It was a quintessential joke when a man was being accused when he went too closed to a woman. Or he would be accused being disrespectful when he kept a distance to the woman.  Indeed, we had a good laugh, a splendid moment.

The meeting transited smoothly into the Table Topics™ session. If you were one of the guests, you would be very keen to know how the speakers were going to answer the given questions. We had 5 speakers and they had given their thoughts to the audience. Some of the speeches are very inspiring because they shared their own stories and some spoke with sincerity that touched the heart of others.

Table Topics participants:

A) CP Lau –“What will you do to make this society a better place?”
B) Sugawaran Takuya – “Will you change your citizenship?”
C) KT Chok– “Who has inspired you to become who you’re today?”
D) Wendy Sim–“Are you living the life that you want or you need?”
E) Daniel Tham – “Things that you like to do for your parents.”
F) Hj Hashim-“If you could invent something, what would it be?”

At 8pm, it was the time when the assigned speakers were ready to feed the appetite of the audience. Ken Chan, DTM taught us how to narrate a speech by using story telling method. He used FROG as the example and demonstrated in his speech. Second speaker, Mandy, reminded us to treat our closest family better than our friends. This was because they deserved the best from us. Lastly, Mathew Philippose, CC, ALB talked himself by using butterfly as a metaphor. He went through a metamorphosis and each phases, he received protection, love, encouragement that helped him to escape from the cocoon and transformed to become a beautiful butterfly. 

Whilst our brains were well fed with the performance from the speakers, our stomachs were also looking out for food to digest. It was time to call for a refreshment break. After the break, our General Evaluator Dinesh Jayabalan, ACG, ALB took over the control and invited EK Yeo, CC, CL to give his evaluation to all the speakers participated in Table Topics™ session. In general, he encouraged the speakers to focus on their vocal variety, eye contact, hand gestures and the structure of the speeches.

For the assigned speeches evaluation, we have 3 speech evaluators:
A) Ron Yeap, CC- He suggested Ken Chan, DTM to change his speech title to add credit to his speech.
B) Kelvin Chong, ACB- He encouraged Mandy to fill the pause with the examples to support her point.
C)Hj Hashim, DTM- He suggested Mathew to reduce the speed of his speech delivery.

The meeting was about to come to the end, when all the functional role players and General Evaluator had given their reports. President Wendy, CC presented certificates to the best performers as well as a token of appreciation to our General Evaluator, Dinesh Jayabalan, ACG, ALB.

Finally, the night was completed and while it was sad to see such a great meeting coming to an end. We had so much fun and “good night!”

Blog Writer: Serena Kong ACB

Meeting #395 Bound to be

Expect the unexpected, 
Hope in the darkest of times. 
For if your faith is restricted, 
Then you living, is a crime. 

Come what may,
Have no fright.
For if you pray,
He will show you the light.

And so it goes,
Somethings are bound to be.
Just let it flow,
And you shall receive serendipity.

It was a vague but heartwarming theme and today we had with us a new member taking up her very first role as the Sergeant-At-Arms. Crystal Chen, was bold enough to take up this role and striking the gavel once, called the meeting to order on time. After introducing the house rules and leading us through the Toastmaster’s Promise she passed the floor to the Acting President, Chitirra, to give the welcome address. 

Grammarian, Srikant, enlightened everyone with the word of the day which was “serendipity”. It means the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way or simply good fortune or luck. Something you’re quite likely to find here at Toastmasters. Srikant was articulate and professional. 

Each member and guest of the floor shared their thoughts about what ‘Bound to Be’ meant to them and were very comfortable in using the word of the day as they spoke. 

To shift the ambience of the meeting into one that was bound to be inspiring, Toastmaster Shain Anand shared a fabulous Japanese tale in his invocation speech on how what’s bound to be is merely a destiny that is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. You need no ‘Liquid Luck’ to succeed in life. You create your own serendipity. 

The meeting proper thus begin when the ever ready Toastmaster of the Evening, E K Yeo, CC, CL too control of the floor. He brought us through the history of Toastmasters, where a single meeting that began in the basement of a church in Santa Ana, California was bound to be global. 

Following, the respective role players introduced the purpose of their roles. Shain Anand played dual roles today by also being the Ah-Counter. Srikant and Shelly Sim respectively were the Grammarian and Timer for the first time.  

We were blessed today to have with us a very humble individual as our General Evaluator and she was none other than Nurhayati Hassan, ACB, ALB. 

Alas the battle of being impromptu begin as the Table Topics® session was led by Manish Jha, CC. His questions were short and simple and members and guests stood up to the challenge vivaciously despite not knowing what they were bound to get. 

Table Topics Participants:

1) Yap Ooi Yee
2) KT
3) Kelvin Chong ACB
4) Crystal Chen
5) Jia Ming

We then transitioned smoothly into the Assigned Speech Session and we had with us tonight 3 speakers ready to serve a feast. The first speaker was C P Lau, attempting the Specialty Speeches Series from the Advanced Communication Manual. His purpose was to uplift the spirit of the audience with his title ‘To Repeat to Progress’. Indeed he reiterated in his unique style that practice makes perfect. 

The second speaker was Olivia with her very first speech under Pathways and in MMKL. Under her pathway of Presentation Mastery, she delivered her ice breaker entitled “Olivia from KL to KL”. 
We learnt her inside out and indeed she’s bound to be a great speaker. 

The final speaker was Chitirra who delivering her Pathways: Project 2 for the second time in an attempt to meet the requirements of the improvements from the evaluation that was given to her during her first speech. There was indeed vast improvement but there was also an equally sized room for it in her speech ‘Thanatophobia’. 

Three’s a charm and once the three speeches were completed, a charming new Toastmaster, Crystal, was inducted into the club by the VPM, Yap Ooi Yee. There was jubilation in the air as she raised her hand into it to give Hi-5s to each member of the club. Welcome aboard the Money-Mastery KL TMC family dear Crystal and may you sparkle as your name sounds, in this Toastmaster journey of yours. 

A brief break was given and we proceeded for the bigger breakfast afterward which was the Evaluation and Reports Session. The panel of evaluators for both, the Table Topics® and the Assigned Speeches gave their best and honest opinions to the respective speakers. Members from the floor too gave their views to the speakers during the Open Evaluation Session. Well, that’s what friends are for isn’t it?  
The string of reports were then shared respectively by the Ah-Counter, Grammarian and finally Timer. 

Panel of Evaluators: (Speakers evaluated are in the brackets)

  1. Ron Yeap, ACB, CL (C P Lau, ACB, ALB)
  2. Ben Hoe, CTM, CL (Olivia Chen)
  3. C P Lau, ACB, ALB (Chitirra)

All things are bound to come to an end, and so as the meeting drew closer to its end, the awards were given to the winners who deserved it for they earned it not through sweet serendipity but instead solid hard work. 

Winners for The Night:

Best Table Topics® : Jia Ming
Best Evaluation: Ron Yeap, ACB, CL
Best Speaker: C P Lau, ACB, ALB

The Acting President, Chitirra took stage once again to recognize the club’s effort in achieving President’s Distinguished Club status for the 1st Term of 2016/2017 and Immediate Past President, Ron Yeap, ACB, CL received the award in front of the members of the club once again as he had originally received in the ‘Hall Of Fame’ ceremony held on the 12th of Nov 2017 by District 102. 

After a small token was given to the GE, announcements were made and the closing address was delivered, the gavel was hit once again leaving everyone curious as to what was bound to be in the next meeting. A group photo was taken and the November babies of the club were celebrated with our routine cake cutting session. 

Indeed it was a blessed meeting. Changes came along the way but every member helped to embrace it vigour for sometimes what is bound to be is merely the outcome of our actions. Nevertheless, forget not the quote by Aristotle that if something's bound to happen, it will happen. Right time, right person, and for the best reason. With that, I wish you the best serendipities in life. Until next time, goodbye!

November Babies

 Blog Writer: Chitirra