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#402 Valentine's: To Love & To Be Loved

February, the month full of cheers! Valentine’s Day has arrived!

As usual for every club meeting, the venue before the start of the meeting was arranged by whoever comes early. Our madam President, Wendy Sim and our member Vijay arrived early to the venue. Our lovely VPE Chitirra took the role player as an ASAA, Table Topics Master cum Timer. The meeting begun on time with the recital of a Toastmaster’s promise by all members for their commitment to Toastmasters.

The theme of the meeting was “Valentine’s: To Love & To Be Loved” and the word of the day was “Endearment”.

Our Club President, Wendy Sim, took over the control of the meeting with her welcome address. She greeted the distinguished guest Ken Koh, ACS, ALB, who came from Extol Toastmasters Club as General Evaluator and the other guests. Then she invited the Grammarian, Xavier Gomez, to introduce the word of the day “Endearment”. She invited members and guests to introduce themselves and encouraged all to use the word of the day and speak in line with the theme of the day, “Valentine’s: To Love & To Be Loved”. All the members and guests did well during the self- introduction. Today’s club meeting was a lively one because we had guests as well.

After the introduction session, the floor was passed on to C P Lau, ACB, ALB who played the role as the Humour Master.

Today’s Toastmaster of the Evening is our Manish Jha, CC who briefed on the history of Toastmasters International and our club. He introduced the role players for this meeting in the sequence of Grammarian- Xavier Gomez, “Ah” Counter- Vijay and Timer- Chitirra who played 3 roles in this meeting. All the role players introduced their roles and objectives for this evening.

The exciting session of Table Topics­­­TM took place and our VPE played the role of Table TopicsTM Master. She prepared the topics related to theme of the day with “Ang Pows” sponsored by Manish Jha, CC. Members and guests were encouraged to participate. She explained the objective of Table Topics TM and the time limitation for each speaker. The purpose of the Table TopicsTM session is to develop the impromptu speaking skills which includes opening, body and conclusion in their speech.

Some of the Table TopicsTM speakers were Mathew Philippose, Hj Hashim, General Evaluator-Ken Koh and 2 guests.

Let’s give a big applause to all the 5 speakers. Here, we were asked to cast a vote for the best Table Topics TM speaker.
After the Table TopicsTM, the TME took over and proceeded with the assigned speeches from Pathways and the Competent Communication Manual.

1st Speaker – Mandy Chan
CC#8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids
Speech Title: Travel with Parents: A beautiful Adjustment
Speech Evaluator Hj Hashim , DTM
She shared with us her memory of travel with parents in Taiwan.

2nd  Speaker – KT Chok
Speech Title: 72
Speech Evaluator Mathew Philippose ,CC, ALB
This is his pathways of Presentation Mastery: Level 1: Project 2-Evaluation & Feedback.
He shared with us his knowledge of Rule of 72, the calculation of interest in FD, and investments. We could learned more in accumulating our wealth. It is a very interesting knowledge.

3rd  Speaker – Olivia Chen
Speech Title: Ikebana
Speech Evaluator C P Lau, ACB, ALB
This is her pathways of Presentation Mastery: Level 1: Project 2-Evaluation & Feedback.
 Olivia Chen also did her Project 2: Evaluation & Feedback speech. Olivia’s repeated her 2nd speech with her speech entitled “Ikebana”. She restructured her speech and demonstrated with real flowers the Japanese flower arranging concept and what it actually symbolises.

Finally, General Evaluator, Ken Koh, ACS, ALB, was most observant and completely in charge when he told us as a whole club on what we are good at and what needs to be improved. An amazing evening it was with this bunch of enthusiastic, friendly and supportive people. This kind of environment can most definitely bring out the best in you.

Here, our Toastmaster of the Evening was enjoying the entire show and then took charge of the show again and called our club president Wendy Sim, CC to acknowledge the best performers of the evening. Yes, we do it in every meeting.

Best Project Speaker: K T Chock
Best Table Topics ™ Speaker: Ken Koh ACS, ALB
Best Evaluator: Hj. Hashim DTM

Indeed there was love in the air that night and we went home with our hearts dipped in love for the coming Valentine.

Blog Writer: Crystal Chen ACB, ALB

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