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#401 My Spirit is a Roaring Sea

Money Mastery-KL Toastmasters Club just finished their 400th meeting in our Toastmasters’ history of 15 years. This was our 401st meeting to show our roaring sea spirit in every conduct of this meeting. ASAA of the evening, Yap Ooi Yee, CC, took the control at 7:16pm with only a one minute delay from the scheduled time. She assured everything was in order to kick start the meeting. “Raise your hand if you have not received the voting slip? The voting slip is to vote for the best speakers. Another very important point, toilet is not working temporarily on our floor and downstairs is already being occupied today hahaha.” This was not humour but a reality. Believe it or not the whole evening went on very smoothly. She recited the Toastmaster’s promises with us and handed the floor to our acting-president, Chitirra.

Our acting-president intrepidly addressed the meeting and asked, kindly introduce yourself and use the word of the day ‘Intrepid’ and the theme of the day ‘My Spirit is A Roaring Sea’. It is our club culture to let everyone speak at least once throughout the meeting. She then passed the floor to the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), Shain Anand who then introduced the Humour Master, Distinguish Toastmaster (DTM), Ken Chan.

Ken chan is a professional speaker and mentor. Sometimes he comes with his inspiring speech but today he decided to begin this evening with some humour. We laughed like wild emojis. We got excited to move on. 

Our TME then took the stage again. For your kind information, Shain is also our VPPR of this term 2017/18 and a wonderful Toastmaster and friend. He came up with his attitude like a roaring sea. He briefed all on the history of Toastmasters International and our club, especially for the guests. Yes, most of the time we have some guests in our meeting. One of the guest today also accepted to sign up in the same evening. Shain then proceeded to introduce the role players, the Grammarian, Ah’ counter, Time keeper and General Evaluator for the night, Distinguished Toastmaster Dr. Devi Menon who comes from Sai Toastmasters Club. 

Now as the excitement was soaring high, our Table Topics ™ Master Dato Dr. Mary De Silva was called on to the stage. Table Topics ™ session is a frightening yet fun filling session. We actually have no idea what topic is about to be received and what we will speak. She came up prepared with very inspiring and beautiful topics. We found 4 intrepid speakers. Shin (Guest), Joel, myself (Manish) and Victor Ong , DTM (From Liquid Gold TMC). Everyone spoke well. Do you know why? Because the topics were amazing? 

Drop by on any 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday of the month in the evenings at 7.15pm if you want to participate in our fun filling session. This evening our time keeper Yap Ooi Yee,CC displayed the green signal to the TME to proceed with the prepared project speeches as the time was up for Table Topics ™. Now the 1st speaker of the day Ken Chan, DTM came up with his speech entitled ‘Negotiate to Win’. This speech was as per the Competent Communication manual speech #8, Get Comfortable with Visual Aids. Negotiation is very important in our life no matter what you do, but in business it creates great impact if you can negotiate well. I hope you know what I mean. It was completely worth it watching his negotiation techniques as he is the subject matter expert.

The 2nd Speaker of the day was Joel Silas with his speech entitled, ‘Power, Influence & Politics’. He is a very good learner. He proved it too. He proved that practice can make anyone perfect. Keep up the hunger of learning Joel! I was privileged to be his speech evaluator. It means I was more observant. Hahaha. He was doing his speech from the Competent Communication Manual, speech #9 which was “Persuade With Power”. He did very well and persuaded the whole audience to earn the power, use it wisely and serve yourself and the community. That will make not only you proud but also the whole nation and the whole world.

The 3rd speaker is none other than CP Lau, ACB, ALB. He is an entrepreneur by his profession in IT and in other Industries as well. He is a very good communicator and speaker.  He was a speaking from the Advanced Manual called “Speaking to Inform” which required him to give a speech on an abstract concept. His speech title was ‘Are you happy? ’ Interesting right? He tried to get to know the audience and see how happy they were. He also talked about what real happiness is. H mesmerised and captivated us throughout his speech. Thanks CP for the lovely piece.

The 4th and final speaker of the day was our brand new member “Xavier Gomez”. He was doing his Ice Breaker speech from the “Leadership Development” path, Level-1. He came with his speech title “The Owner of The New house”. We were very curious about what he was going to talk about. This was suspense until he made it clear that his name Xavier has a meaning called “The Owner of The New House”. As there is a saying, everyone has a story to share, Xavier found the perfect story to share about his life. He talked about his initial life, love life and career. It was amazing to know Xavier. Keep it up!

Do you want a break? Let’s break for 10 mins.

Despite knowing that our Toilet was not operational that night, everyone served their tummies non-stop with the wonderful dinner. We were still eating then our time keeper rang the bell, “Guys, times up. Please get back. You can even eat after the meeting”. 

The ball was now in the General Evaluator, Dr. Devi Menon’s, DTM court. She is a wonderful Toastmaster, a friend and an amazing evaluator. She bravely followed the agenda. She called out Table Topic’s Evaluator, Kevin Khoo,CC. Kevin was brilliant, another fantastic speaker and evaluator. He was attentively listening to all the 4 speakers and highlighted in his evaluation, the speakers’ strengths and area of improvements. He encouraged and gave an utmost valuable feedback. We felt accomplished.

Now it was the project speech evaluators’ turn. Firstly, Dato’ Dr. Mary De Silva called to evaluate speaker Ken Chan’s, DTM speech “Negotiate to Win” as she was doing her evaluation project from pathways (“Presentation Mastery”). There was another evaluator to evaluate Dr. Mary’s evaluation who was Victor Ong, DTM from Liquid Gold Toastmasters Club. Both of them gave wonderful insights to Ken to improve further in his speech and praised his strengths. Dato Dr, Mary De Silva also got some pointers to do a better evaluation next time from Victor Ong,DTM.

Next, I was doing my best evaluation to evaluate Joel’s speech ‘Power, Influence & Politics’. I did my best and I was doing my project on evaluation from my path ‘Innovative Planning’. Therefore, I also got an evaluator to evaluate my evaluation. I particularly liked this part of the meeting on the evaluation of the evaluators. We tried our best to learn from each other.

Following after us Mathew Philippose, CC, ALB appeared on stage and the way he soared with the spirit in his evaluation, he won the best evaluation of the evening. He is also a professional speaker and mentor.

We called out our final speech evaluator Ron Yeap, ACB, CL. He is our Immediate Past President. He was attentive in listening to Xavier’s speech. An evaluator’s job is to comment on how the speaker has done well. An evaluator should acknowledge and provide a constructive feedback so that the speaker will be able to perform much better in their next speech. He did exactly that. Along with the speaker Xavier, we all felt once again accomplished.

Finally General Evaluator Dr. Devi Menon, DTM, was most observant and completely in charge when she told us as a whole club on what we are good at and what needs to be improved. An amazing evening it was with this bunch of enthusiastic, friendly and supportive people. This kind of environment can most definitely bring out the best in you.

Here, our Toastmaster of the Evening was enjoying the entire show and then took charge of the show again and called our club president Wendy Sim, CC to acknowledge the best performers of the evening. Yes, we do it in every meeting.

The Best Table Topics ™ Speaker goes toooooo , Joel Silas,
The Best Project Speech goes toooo ,Joel’s mentor Ken Chan, DTM.
The Best Project Speech Evaluation goes tooooo: Mathew Phillippose, CC, ALB.

What are you thinking now? That’s it!  The club president gave her closing address, summarised the whole meeting and adjourned the meeting. See you all again on 13th Feb 2018.

Blog Writer: Manish Jha, CC

ASAA- Assistant Sergent At Arms.
CC- Competent Communication speaking manual.
ACB ALB- Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Leader Bronze.
DTM- Distinguished Toastmaster.
TME- Toastmaster of the Evening.
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