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#397 Blast to the past

Time passes very fast and what is your reminiscence of the month of December? Yes, Jingle Bells and Santa Clause! Christmas day is coming soon.

As usual for every club meeting, the venue before the start of the meeting was arranged by whoever comes early. Ron Yeap, Mandy Chan, Olivia, Crystal, EK Yeo, and our member Vijay arrived early to the venue. Our birthday girl today, Shelly Sim, who was a first time role player as an ASAA called the meeting to order at 7.15 pm. The meeting begun with “A Toasmaster’s Promise” recited by all Toastmasters’ members for their commitment to Toastmasters.

The theme of the meeting was “Blast to the Past” and the word of the day was“reminiscent”.

Our Club President, Wendy Sim, took over the control of the meeting with her welcome address. She greeted the distinguished guest Maria Mutahi, CC, who came from Kenya Toastmasters Club as General Evaluator and the other guests. Then she invited the Grammarian, Shain, to introduce the word of the day “Reminiscent”. She invited members and guests to introduce themselves and encouraged all to use word of the day and speak in line with the theme of the day, “Blast to the Past”. All the members and guests did well during the self- introduction.Today’s club meeting was a lively one because we had guests from Japan and Russia as well.

After the introduction session, the floor was passed on to Ron Yeap, ACB, CL who played the role as the Invocation Speaker

Today’s Toastmaster of the Evening is our sweet Mandy Chan who briefed on the history of Toastmasters International and our club.  She introduced the role players for this meeting in the sequence of Grammarian-Shain, “Ah” Counter- Olivia Chen and Timer-Shelly who played 2 roles in this meeting. All the role players introduced their roles and objectives for this evening.
The exciting session of Table Topics­­­TM took place and our President played the role of Table TopicsTM Master. She prepared the topics related to theme of the day. Members and guests were encouraged to participate. She explained the objective of Table Topics TM andthe time limitation for each speaker. The purpose of the Table TopicsTM session is to develop the impromptu speaking skills which includes opening, body and conclusion in their speech.
The order of the Table TopicsTM speakers were as follows:
  1. Vijay
  2. K L Loh, ATMG
  3. Guest - Jasmine
  4. Guest - Jia Ming
  5. Guest - Xavier
  6.         Guest - Alex from Russia

Let’s give a big applause to all the 6 speakers. Here, we were asked to cast a vote for the best Table Topics TM speaker.
After the Table TopicsTM, the TME took over and proceeded with the assigned speeches from Pathways and the Competent Communication Manual.

1st Speaker – Daniel Tham
Speech Title – I Have A Dream
Speech Evaluator – CP Lau  , ACB, ALB
This is his Pathway of Dynamic Leadership Level 1 – Project 1 Ice Breaker
He shared with us his childhood life, where he was educated, about his career and his dream.

2nd  Speaker – Crystal Chen
Speech Title – My Dream
Speech Evaluator – Manish Jha, CC
This is her Pathway of Effective Coaching Level 1 – Project 1 Ice Breaker
Cyrstal has a big dream since childhood. She told us her story about how active she was in school club and organized a drama during her schooling days.

3rd Speaker – Chitirra
Speech Title – Think, Think, Think
Speech evaluator – Ron Yeap, ACB, CL  
This is her Project 6 which required vocal variety.
Chitirra spoke about ways in which we can enhance our thinking skills for the better.

4th Speaker – Yap Ooi Yee
Speech Title – Do You Love Your Loved Ones?
Speech Evaluator – HjHashim , DTM
This is her Project 10 which required  her to inspire the audience.
Ooi Yee inspired us with the struggles faced by families when they lack proper insurance coverage.

All the four speakers qualified to be voted for and congratulations to Ooi Yee who completed her CC which took her a 2-year journey to complete.

After the assigned speech session, we took a 10-minute break for refreshment.

ASAA Shelly Sim called meeting to order after the break. Then, she passed the control of the meeting to the TME Mandy Chan.

It was time for the induction of our newest member. Yap Ooi Yee invited our new member KT Chok to come on the stage and recite the rules as a member of the club. Welcome KT Chok and we are waiting for your speech soon.

General Evaluator,Maria Mutahi, CC was invited to chair the evaluation session. She led the session with her panel of evaluators and role players. She began by explaining the purpose of the evaluation followed by the evaluation from the Table Topics TM evaluator, 4 speech evaluators, role players’ reports and her personal general evaluation. Evaluation is the breakfast for champions because a constructive and specific evaluation helps to improve speakers and make them better. Finally, we were asked to cast a vote for the best speech evaluator.

The time came for the Awards Presentation and the best Table TopicTM, assigned speech and evaluation speaker for the night were:

1.       Table Topics TM– Vijay Kumar, CC
2.       Assigned speech – Yap Ooi Yee
3.       Evaluator –Hj.Hashim, DTM

The President Wendy Sim, CC was called onto the stage for the presidential closing address. She first thanked the TME who handled the meeting diligently. Then she presented the award for the best performers.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.45pm followed by a group photo and cake cutting ceremony for Shelly Sim and Xavier, the two December babies.

Indeed it was a fun filled meeting and someday when we take a blast to the past to reminisce this meeting it will surely be a sweet memory.

 Blog writer: Olivia Chen


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