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Meeting #394 Halloween: Trick or Treat

If you really want to enjoy this blog, then wear your Halloween costume once again, to join this voyage through Money Mastery KL's 394th meeting. On the 31st of October 2017, we turned to page 394 of Money Mastery KL's meeting book. The page unleashed the Halloween Genie. The Genie had both tricks and treats under its sleeves. Voila. The Genie granted the meeting with a spooky ambience. Members arrived in Halloween costumes of all sorts, ranging from Wednesday Addams to the so called Toilet Paper ghost.

The Assistant Sergeant At Arms for the evening Olivia Chow, who was taking up the role for the first time, called the meeting to order followed by reciting the Toastmaster's promise.

Madam President Wendy Sim, CC, in her pumpkin orange coloured attire, welcomed everyone present there and invited the Grammarian Manish Jha, CC, with the Ghost Rider mask, to introduce the word "Aghast" which means amazement or horror. The entire club was aghast when they saw Manish in his mask. Afterwards, the control was passed over to the Snake Oil Salesman a.k.a Toastmaster of the Evening Ron Yeap, ACB ALB. With his big Moustache and the top hat, he took over the charge. Not only he nailed the attire, Ron maintained a bulky voice throughout the meeting giving a uncanny aura to the meeting as a whole

As it was a speech marathon, no Table Topics® Session was conducted. The Snake Oil Salesman spilt the snake oil on the audience and we were teleported to the Assigned speech session. We can see 6 speakers souls, waiting for their turn to  let go their fear of public speaking.

1. The first among them was Joel Silas who can be called as the Toilet Phantom because he made himself a phantom out of the toilet paper. Quite innovative. He was delivering his 8th speech from the CC manual with the speech titled "Wanderlust". The speech was about his tour to Europe which he presented with the help of photos. As usual, Joel's humorous conversational style made the speech entertaining.

2. Second soul was Ken Chan DTM who was doing the Ice Breaker speech for the 9th time with the title "Ken, He Can". Only one word about his speech: awe-inspiring.

3. Time for our third soul, CP Lau, ACB, ALB. He was delivering the speech from the Advanced Communication - Speciality Speeches Series Manual.His evaluator was given the option to select his speech title from a list of 5 speech titles.  His speech title was "Progress is More Important Than Perfection". Cool as you like, the maestro delivered the speech with perfection.

4. After those seasoned speakers, it was the turn of one of the newest souls of Money Mastery KL, Shelly Sim going to kick-start her Toastmasters journey. "Who is Shelly?" Those were the words reverberating among us when she came to the dais. She took us on a short trip about her life. Even though it was her first speech she delivered it like a pro with less fear and full of confidence. At the end of her speech, we were able to say She is Shelly. She was also given a standing ovation for delivering her first speech.

5. Have you ever heard of the word Thanatophobia? Well, we also didn't know about the word until our fifth soul Chitirra started her speech. Ooh la la! Her speech had the closest resemblance with the theme of the day. She was doing her Pathways Level 1 Project 2 speech titled "Thanatophobia". Her unhurried style of speech delivery gave the meeting a frightening.

6. Last but not the least, Srikant was the final soul who delivered his Pathways Level 1 Project 2 speech titled "Adventures in Cambodia". He shared about his experiences in Cambodia which was no less than an adventure filled with excitement and amazement for him.

Abracadabra. That was the perfect speech session for a Halloween night. The credit goes to those 6 souls who challenged themselves on the Halloween night. We voted for the Best Speaker. It was time for a short break. But this time, the magic was on the refreshments. We had the refreshments which were based on the Halloween theme, thanks to Madam President Wendy. Thank God, we didn't need the Halloween Genie for that. Else the Genie would have been annoyed by our requests.

After the break session, General Evaluator Ching Lee Hwa, ACB, ALB was handed over the stage to walk us through the Evaluation session. She invited the Speech Evaluators to give their evaluation. Each evaluator gave their best evaluation for their respective speakers. After each evaluation, the GE gave her personal evaluation to the speakers which was indeed a bonus lesson for the speakers.

The panel of evaluators are as follows with speaker's name inside brackets:-

1.    Serena Kong, ACB (Joel Silas)
2.    E K Yeo, CC, CL (Ken Chan, DTM)
3.    Kang Fong Luan, CC (C P Lau, ACB, ALB)
4.    Ken Chan, DTM (Shelly Sim)
5.    C P Lau, ACB, ALB (Chitirra)
6.    Ng Yee Chia, ACB (Srikant Marakani)

Finally, it was the time to recognize our best performers:

Best Speaker    : CP Lau ACB, ALB
Best Evaluator  : Ken Chan DTM

Arthur Conan Doyle quoted - "Where there is no imagination, there is no horror". Well, MMKL definitely has that power of imagination and The Halloween Genie was  the result of that imagination. The credit goes to the entire club for making every meeting entertaining and meaningful. At the end, MMKL turned the 394th page and the Halloween Genie went back with the hope that exactly one year later MMKL will re-open the page.

May the force of Halloween Genie will always be with Money Mastery KL. 

Role players for the meeting:

1. Olivia Chow (ASAA)
2. Ron Yeap ACB, CL (TME)
3. Shain Anand (Ah-Counter) 
4. Manish Jha CC (Grammarian)
5. Mandy Chan (Timer)
6. Ching Lee Hwa ACB, ALB (General Evaluator)

Blog writer: Shain Anand

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